A lot of inconjunctions to my midheaven


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I have neptune and uranus inconjunct my midheaven, pluto inconjunct my midheaven, and also the sun inconjunct pluto, and my sun is in the same house as my mercury and midheaven. IS this why I'm so stuck in my career goals?


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My Midheaven's at 0.52 degrees Libra.

It's squared by my Mercury (2.18 Cancer), opposed by my Saturn (7.12 Aries), trined by Uranus (3.27 Aquarius) and Neptune (26.46 Capricorn), and sextiled by Pluto (0.42 Sagittarius).

Just the square from Mercury and opposition from Saturn has made things difficult enough. I'm not a career-minded person anyway, I'd much prefer spending time on more leisurely things and on relationships. I feel like the square from my Mercury gives me a sense of loathing and distrust of everything related to career (especially corporate ones) and the public, and the opposition from Saturn makes it difficult for me to really put any effort into building some kind of career. So yeah, that's me.

I also have an empty 10th house among my planets, so I'm convinced that career isn't going to play a major role in my life.