A little confused with my birth chart (s).



Hello all,
I have been visiting this site for the past few days and must say it is extremely interesting.
I've been looking into astrology for a while now and while I thought that I had always been Libra rising (acc. to my mum), I found out that I am actually a Scorpio rising (acc. to a little piece of paper I found). Scorpio rising makes more sense to me.
Comparing the two charts, the main difference I could see was the shift of planets and signs from 1st to 2nd house. I have 3 planets stacked in these houses and it is a difference if one concentrates on oneself (1st) or on money (??) second.
Could anyone possibly comment on this confusion, especially as I am about to embark on a completely new career path after finalising a second lot of studies next year and would like to know whether these planets have an influence/or are more/less favourable for specific work areas (I'm still not sure whether I should go into politics or international development - justice). Apparently this year is one of retreat and reflexion for me with the 'answers' coming along 'naturally' :roll: .
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Birth data as follows:
Name Fiona S.
Birth date: 26 January 1971
Birth time (s): 10.55pm (acc. to mum); and 11.10pm
Birth place: Wollongong, Australia


Get a birth certificate


The best source for your birth is a birth certificate. If that's the "little piece of paper" you refer to, then use the date on the certificate. If for some reason you can NOT get a birth certificate, you can use a process called "rectification" in which you create a bunch of different charts at different times and follow the transits and progressions of the chart and match them to the events in your life. Since rectification can be very challenging and time consuming, many people find an astrologer experienced at rectification and get them to "find" their birth time for them. However, this costs money.

Giving options,


iam from INDIA vedic astrologer, i noted your query and findout that you have doubt about your accedant ,first all you correct your horoscope then only prediction make you perfect, i foundout that and rectified your accedant that is LIBRA WHICH IS YOU CORRECT ACCEDANT , FIRST HOUSE OF YOUR HOROSCOPE, any more contact my mail grakham@hotmail.com.
thank you