A Letter to Israel


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Dear brothers and sisters of Israel,

It has been said that as go the Jews so goes the Earth. I believe this is true.

It is time that those who are the citizens of Israel and Palestine seize control of the climate of consciousness at this moment and not give in to the fear (or failures) of old cold war era leadership that has lost its resolution for peace. Those who are trained in war and have felt the flush of victory too easily give up on diplomacy before the job is done. It must be a truly trying, even exhausting effort at times. It is time, Israelis, to insist that your leadership NOT react to rhetoric and get back to the work of diplomacy or simply wait out the current situation.

Patience. Persistence.

Those of us who are citizens of the United States who were dedicated to peace previously will not now abandon this in order to support a surrogate attack on Iran. No such easy out. I believe in the young people of Iran. I have believed in them since I saw a sampling of them speak on an abc news magazine report from inside Iran by Chris Matthews around 2002 or 2003.

In the face of fear it seems a ‘suicide solution’ to wait it out. However, I would remind all that during the cold war a nuclear conflict by the United States with the old Soviet Union seemed inevitable. The tension was waited out and the end result was that the old Soviet Union collapsed. No longer was there the resources or resolution to continue this ‘cold war’ the world feared would heat up. There was just too much to lose by too many people.

I am asking you, Israelis, to believe in the young people of Iran who are at or nearing the age of public service, just as you would believe in your own sons and daughters to have your nation’s best interest at heart. After all, none of us really want war again. Not the common people of Iran, not the people of the U.S. and not Israelis. Understand that age old resentments are continued only if the reaction to the rhetoric of resentment continues.

In the face of your greatest fears and the most threatening rhetoric insist on peace. Then your leaders are commissioned to do what Peace does, which is to look for common ground, prayer fully appeal for Divine Help, use creative diplomacy and wait it out. To pull the trigger now would be to simply give the old worn out sources of resentment within Iran the reason to kill Jews that it would like to have. Do not give that darkness the permission that it desires. It will look for the slightest justification and has been attempting to goad Israel into striking for many years.

Understand that there are two forces at work to ensure that conflict does not occur. There are those within Iran that want peace and a hopeful future and there is the rest of the world that wants the same thing. See this as supporting your continued security as real as ties that bind. Even China needs Iran to remain stable so it can remain a source for its ever-growing consumption of oil. There is just too much to lose by too many parties involved.

Do not listen to those in places of public office who speak of the inevitability of a military conflict with Iran, but want to use the U.S. as its fighting surrogate. Israel is in this position as a place of potential peace-empowerment in order to find a way out that will re-pattern its own future and the future of humanity. There is no shortcut and no way around this.

No longer is the victim mentality of the post-WWII era appropriate. A homeland for Jews (who want it) has been established. Now it is up to you to dis-believe the fears rooted in a past that surely lives on in the pain and memories of those who were there, but which is NOT appropriate as a basis for current decisions. A great portion of the world stood up for Jews and WILL NOT allow such a thing to happen as happened in Europe decades ago.

The middle east is the Heart of the World and it is time in the face of fear to continue choosing peace not only for yourselves but for the planet. Insist on it. YOU are fighting for the heart of the world and what it holds. Let it be Peace!

It is time to envision peace by seeing the faces of those in both Iran and Israel happy and hopeful, relieved that the rhetoric is past and creating a new self government that moves past old suspicions and resentments and does the IMPOSSIBLE.

There are times when in order to create peace on Earth the IMPOSSIBLE must be done. It is YOU, Israelis, who must now insist on peace, for nothing that the rest of the world prays or wishes for you can happen without you. Now is your time for choosing.

See peace. Pray peace. Insist on peace and know that others are doing them same. Many of us know that we are not passive spectators in this world but are active participants in consciousness. We pray. We send healing energy. We send Love.

Know that those of us outside your pressure cooker situation feel compassion for the people involved, but still insist on peace no matter how hard it comes – not just for you, but for the entire world. IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT. Just know that if peace is achieved slowly, one step at a time in the middle east then it will be secured for the world for a long time to come.

In Love,
Kannon McAfee