A great resource on Horary Astrology


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I am bumping this back up.

After reading and rereading this, I will attemp Beth's question about where her battery was located.

I thought others would benefit from this post also.



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I have taken a few classes with Lee & she is very thorough & classic. I must say that the details do not stick in my head so this was awesome!


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Radu, if you received permission from the author or publisher to post such a large excerpt it is customary to note that you received permission from the author or publisher to do so. If you did not, then I am not sure why such a long excerpt appears here.

As of today, this Forum's rules still prohibit excerpts of over 100 words.


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This was posted in 2006, before the new rules went into effect. Obviously Radu KNOWS the rules here, that you are admonishing him for, because he wrote them. And obviously this is a thread that has just not been deleted YET. What I don't understand is why you are calling him out here and now, pretending as if he did not know the rules.

sincerely confused,


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I am extremely interested in posting a horary question soon and i am goign to read on this.

I dont believe i ever asked this question, if i did, i know it was a long time ago, much has passed.

I thank you for this site. However, i have to go on astro.com and plug in several factors and i am uncertain which ones. There are many drop down menus.

For relationship question, is there any specific aspect i need to use?
What about on the bottom of this box, way on the bottom, there are other aspects to choose from as it says the numbers on them.

Please explain - i want to do this correctly and with all of your professional opinions.
On this journey....

Thank you


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Maybe some forum members can suggest the good (hand)book or web site for beginners in horary astrology (I have studied natal astrology)?
So I could start step-by-step study using this book....


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I am thinking of buying Ema Kurent Book on Horary Astrology, given that it is a bit expensive, I want to know how good is it for beginners and also the difficulty level.

Thoughts please