A good Year for me?


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That repeating 11th house theme suggests friends, associates, and/or longterm goals and plans as something front and center for you this year. Since it's now been almost four months since your solar return, you're probably seeing that already. Moon placement in your SR chart shows where your emotions are centered right now.

Are you currently studying? Or traveling? Moon in your natal ninth house at your solar return suggests something ninth house. The combination of natal ninth/solar return eleventh combines eleventh and ninth house themes. If you're a student, friends from your school, or student associations, or your longterm plan that your studies are part of, might be up front.

SR DC is in your natal fourth house, cusp of the fifth. Some things that might mean: reconnection with one or more childhood friends; meeting new people through a hobby; finding a non-serious relationship. If you do find a more serious partner this year (I can't say one way or the other, my SR reading skills aren't that good!) it will probably be a childhood friend you reconnect with, or someone you meet through pursuing a hobby.


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My long-term plan this year is save money to move abroad but it is really difficult because our money don’t have value in another country.
There it is: the eleventh and ninth house theme. You're working on a longterm goal. Emotionally, you're connected to the ninth and eleventh houses because your longterm goal (11th) is to move abroad (9th).
All my hobbies are connected to use a PC, maybe I will meet someone by internet or reconnect with some people who studied with me and live in my neighborhood.. My Venus in SR is in 3rd house.. But I don't really like these ideas xD..
If you don't like those ideas, you don't have to accept them. Those were only a few possible interpretations. There are other things those placements could mean.

It's also possible that you'll meet someone indirectly through those channels. Maybe you'll reconnect with an old school friend whose gorgeous, single cousin, who you never met before, just happens to be hanging around, or something like that.

Here's something else that suggests that, if you meet anyone, it's through a reconnection with the past: Venus, as you pointed out, was in your SR third house, and right now, it's about to turn retrograde. Venus rules your natal DC. And your SR 9th and 2nd houses, too. Looks like the delay you mentioned in moving abroad. Your 9th house endeavor is delayed by the slowness of earning the money to finance it (2nd house).

The Venus retrograde will take place in your natal fifth and SR seventh house. Another suggestion of finding a partner by going back.

One of your SR fifth house predictions has already manifested: you joined this forum. That's pursuing a hobby, and you've met people online that way. Maybe not in a dating sense, but that's still meeting people who share a hobby with you, which is what the fifth house is about.

Excuse my English. I hope you can understand me.
Quite well.
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This solar year, the focus (the Sun) seems to be on personal finances or income Sun in the 2nd house). This theme is doubly enforced via Asc. ruler, Merc., also in the 2nd house. Luckily, the 10 house (career/job) ruler is also Merc. Venus (2nd house ruler) and 4th house - both in Sag. could mean that you may step out of your country to earn money. Please update as to what happens.