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Hey there again

4 new fresh faces

What do you think?

We have a scorpio with a capricorn moon and a scorpio asc.

then we have a °0 virgo with libra moon and asc

An Aquarius with a libra moon and a sagi asc.

Another virgo with an aquarius moon and a virgo asc

here they are:





Good luck:wink:


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1. virgo sun - libra moon - libra asc
2. aqua sun -libra moon - sagi asc
3. scorp sun - cap moon -scorp asc
4. virgo sun - aqua moon - virgo asc


1. Scorpio Sun, Cap Moon, Scorpio Asc.

2. Virgo Sun, Libra Moon and Asc.

3. Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Asc.

4. Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon, Sag Asc.


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My guesses below are based purely on the physical appearance (and hence, rising sign). Going backwards:

#4. looks like Sagittarius rising to me

#3. looks like she could have Libra rising

#2. looks like a fixed sign rising, perhaps Leo (and not Virgo - which would give her a triangular-shaped face)

#1. looks like she has Scorpio rising


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well this is extremely old but I sorta stumbled upon this
1. virgo-libra asc
2. scorpio
3.virgo-virgo asc
4. aquarius

If I had to choose what they actually look like
1. extremely Cancerian
2. very Scorpio
3. hmmm maybe Virgo or Scorpio? can't tell
4. Libra
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