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I have a favor to ask... I was wondering if someone could do some synastry for these two charts (but if more than one does, that's just fine with me :) )

The charts are (the two people involved are in a romantic relationship)--

H(female). 17/02/89... 1:23... time zone: -8.
Fremont, California, USA. 37N33;121W59

B(male). 25/04/89... (time is an estimate) 0:00... time zone: -7.
Seattle, Washington, USA. 47N36;122W20

I know a bit of how the two charts and the two people react, but I'd like to hear some other opinions on it, too.


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Hi there!

I just responded to your reply on my post. It is funny we posted something so similar the same time :)

Hey just noticed you live in Fremond - I'm in SF! :)

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I don't live there... I was born there; I'm in Pocatello (Idaho) now. I lived in Sacramento a few years ago, though.

Yeah, I had thought of the timing with our posts myself.

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Your post has question has given me a chance to practice relationship astrology objectively away from couples I already know.

I've already constructed natal, synastry, composite, davison and marks charts for analysis. Of course this is going to take me some time to get it as accurate as my knowledge allows me.

Are you one of those two? Coz, maybe a relocation chart should be considered in your case.

Desheap, monitor this thread. If you like my analysis, maybe I'll do one for you too.


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While you are waiting


While you are waiting for a more in depth analysis, let me give you a few thoughts. Since the Sun and Moon are in contact with each other, there is a connection between these two people. Looking at the connection of the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), there are many challenges. Particularly challenging are the stresses to Venus (relationships) in the chart. However, by working through these issues together they can grow stronger as a couple.



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:oops: :shock: :? :x :x :? :shock: :oops:

Oh My God!


I am soooo sorry! I had your charts printed out and everything but... oh.. what can I say? I refer you to the thread I started under the Title "The Abscent Minded Effect".

I'm on it, I'm on it. Please forgive my Neptune struck brain!

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No, you really don't need to be sorry, I can sympathize with forgetting stuff... I have an excellent memory for -things-, but I forget to do things, like I'll forget about assignments or chores or meeting people or whatever else. So, it's ok.

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Told ya I’d to it. I just needed that buz! Good thing Saturn is about to conjunct to my natal Mercury. :lol:

I have assumed that the birth data that you have provided is very accurate. If they are only an approximation, a lot of the following maybe incorrect. :idea:

H’s Natal Chart Overview:

Sagittarius Rising, Jupiter in the 6th House, No Major Planets in 9th house, 9th House Cusp in Leo, Vesta in Sagittarius

With our powerful Sagittarius and Aquarius placements, you
- are an Extrovert
- have strong nature of love
- will probably fall in love many times.
- like challenges.
- Full of enthusiasm and sense of adventure
- Are honest to the point bluntness (a say-it-like-it-is person)
- do not like limits and boundaries
- have a philosophical approach to life
- will contemplates faiths and religions all your life
- have to get away from everybody and everything in order to recharge every now and then
- are always focused on distant goals
- learn through working, especially first-hand experience

Sounds like there no stopping you, huh? Take a look at house your Taurus and cancer placements tone you down, you:
- relate to others through feelings
- are quite moody
- have deep, intense feelings and emotions
- need security in your close relationships
- can be possessive and jealous

Now, you tend to get attracted to firey, passionate people, but in serious relationship you need security. This security, after a while, may make the relationship so you don’t know what to do and start to analyze and maybe even over analyze the situation. That can drive you (or anyone in that position) crazy. Your Juno placement points at Virgo. You *need* a partner who is hard working. Someone you can count on in real-life matters. The problem is that Juno is conjunct your South Node. This may hold you back on learning from your Pisces North Node. But with whole Sagittarius situation going on, I wouldn’t worry too much about that :D

That was you in general. Let’s see B (in short)

B is a lot like you. But the Taurus stellium makes B more down to earth and a lot more mysterious than you though. Like you, B fluctuates between attraction to the practical type and the limitless type. B’s Juno is also in Virgo. But B can be moodier. Also, the shape of B’s chart shows that B is in constant conflict, either internally or externally. The best way to deal with such chart is to have an occupation where there is a back-and-forth competitive action. B can become a lawyer in court actually :D or maybe a tennis player!!

The Synastry

The attraction factor is very obvious. But we have two problems:
1) You too very much a like due to the close birthdates. Dating someone who’s exactly like you can be boring to many people. You too get bored easier than most people, especially H.
2) You too have the same ASC causing you to experience houses and many transits almost similarly. The Idea situation is to have one’s ASC in the other’s DSC to have better give and take relationship. In your case, you two offer the same qualities and need the same things. This can be quite frustrating.

The composite chart

The dynamics of this relationship can be quite crazy, a lot of polarity with the Sun-Moon opposition which is both frustrating and attractive at the same time. There’s a strong emotional involvement, you are likely to experience profound emotions together and to become deeply involved in each other's innermost mental and emotional depths. Both of you want to get ahead of life, which seems to work with great difficulty with your intimacy energy. But, the Venus Cnj. Sun Opposite Moon is not as bad. It is pretty much why you too are together despite what other people may think. It adds to the instability though.

Also, There will be a great deal of mental activity in this relationship. This aspect is good for verbal communication between you, it’s only bad if you don’t know how to “pick you words”.

The stellium in the first house is very tricky. Although you both can get together to places where you couldn’t get separately, you both need to understand and acknowledge it. If you don’t, you may get the illusion (Neptune) that there’s no reason for you to be together :shock: . Luckily Saturn is there to show the Neptunian dynamic a new way to do and perceive things 8) . Uranus is there to tell you both that freedom of expression is of extreme importance. And oh, the surprises this Uranus placement will bring! :D

The Davison Chart

It’s not too different from the composite, and adds to the stress of the composite on how you can accomplish more together than separately.

The suns and moons in the Davison and composite charts fall right into your 4th and 10th houses. You will find it very difficult to let got of this relationship.

The Marks Charts
The Marks Charts are Davisons between the relationship Davison and the Natal. It shows the "modofication" in character of the person involved but only within the relationship.

H gets this Marks Chart 6 March 1989, 121w47, 40n39 2:39 am Universal Time
B gets this Marks Chart 8 April 1989, 122w08, 45n06 1:38 pm Universal Time

Construct those two charts and compare them to the natal charts. The difference is an insight on the effect of the relationship on you. I would do it myself, but I feel you’ll do a better job.

I know you didn't ask for my personal opinion, but I see a lot of potential. You just need to do the extra effort.. both of you.

I tried to be brief but this may in fact be my longest post ever :D. Let me know what you think.

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Thank you, that was excellent.

I can very much relate to H's personal interpretation (which is a good thing, as I am H :mrgreen: ). I -hate- limitations and I tend to be very philosophical. Unfortunately, and about the moody bit, my Aquarian "what's the point to reacting -that- way" sun doesn't always get to my Cancerian moon... That religion bit, that's interesting. And, yeah, that seems like a possible happening... I've done that some already.

And that synastry stuff was interesting. And that picking words thing was a good comment... he'll say stuff that comes out callously, and I'll say stuff that comes out more possessive than I am. (I can get jealous and possessive and all that stuff, but I think of it a lot like that there isn't a whole lot of expression of affection, so I feel like I don't know where I stand with him. On that note, though, I'm going to try to fix that this week... mercury and venus are trine and mercury is direct, and other stuff concerning the moon and venus, that seems like as good a time as any to ask him to express more, except for Lilith in a sepparating square to B's mercury.)

And another synastry thing was that his sun/moon midpoint is -right- on my sun... we can say that that's why I was so obsessed with him when he and I first met. But that's alright, my sun/moon midopint (almost said "mudpoint") is on his venus. (less than 1/2 of a degree for each).

And I will look at the Mark's charts and see what they show.

Thank you again for taking time to look at these charts.

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Angel of Something said:
But that's alright, my sun/moon midopint (almost said "mudpoint") is on his venus.

Mudpoint. LOL :lol:

Hmm.. I'm glad you brought up the issue. I've only just recently learned about midpoints and I couldn't quite understand their importance in a natal chart. In a synastry, however, the influence is obvious. Thank you for that.

Venus is going Rx on Christmas Eve. Read Baker's thread on it in the Astrology Now forum. I think it is important that anyone in a relastionship, or having relationship issues as a single person, should know of the coming 6-week effect.

It should be easier tha last year's Venus Rx since there is no eclipse this year. I hope :shock:

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I have just re-read my analysis, which I should have done before posting it. Sorry about all the spelling mistakes. Also, it seems that I have actually missed typing a few words. :oops: I'm glad you understood!


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Good job sorehearted! That was very detailed :) If you get a chance, would you be able to do an interpretation on my relationship synastry I posted a while back?

Thanks :)

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Oh, one thing I forgot to say, and you assumed otherwise... B's birthtime is not exact, but I think he had said that it was somewhere around that time. (But it's okay, I swear :mrgreen: )

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:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Maybe you should make sure of B's birthtime. One of the charts I've studied had the ASC on the cusp of Sag. Don't remember if that was yours or B's. If is it B's, there will be major defects in the interpretation!!

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The one one with ASC at 01 Sagittarius... that was mine, and I am fairly sure of the time for mine. Do you remember if there were cusp things you interpreted for B's chart?