A Discussion Thread About Racism in America


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Bystanders gathered

a young Black man in the crosshairs of police rifles :)
in a Seattle-area standoff

WATCH: Neighborhood Saves Unarmed Black Man From Police



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Johnny Ricks, 25
dragged and violently attacked 15-year-old
McDonald's worker
Aryiah Lynch

outside a St. Louis restaurant.
She is a minor. More charges need to be brought
& McDonald to be sued.

Man Drags Teen McDonald's Worker By Braids

Stomps & SEVERELY Injures Her In Parking Lot

They upped his charges to first degree assault
and with his priors
he'll have a long time to go play with his peers who behave like him :)



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A nonviolent domestic dispute in Laredo, Zapata County, Texas :)
took a dark and violent turn
after the arrival of local sheriffs.

Officers moved to subdue Rigoberto Barrientos
in the process injured his leg so severely
that it later had to be amputated at a local hospital

For over a year
sheriffs fought to prevent the body camera footage of the incident
from coming to light.
Police Accountability Report unveils the footage
of this gruesome and disturbing incident for the first time

Cops severed his leg during arrest!

This is how they covered it up



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Alameda County police beat Malia Ashad
and knocked her unconscious
as she was awaiting a CT scan

in the emergency room.

Cops 'Savagely' Beat

Black Woman Shackled To Hospital Bed

"..A California woman filed a lawsuit
against the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department

and several deputies who beat her
as she awaited a CT scan in the emergency room
in San Leandro, California.
The lawsuit was filed on Feb. 1. :)
According to the lawsuit, Malia Ashad
was in attendance at a court hearing
at the Alameda County Superior Court on 9 August 2022
when a woman Ashad had a restraining order against attacked her
“..repeatedly hit Ashad in the head and face with a cellphone..” and her fist.
Ashad grabbed the woman’s hair in an attempt to defend herself
nd stop the assault
before sheriff’s deputies intervened.."



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Judge Brian Gibbons gave Jason Roger Pope, AKA "..DJ Kidd.."
a reduced sentence of 19 years behind bars
instead of 30 years

after Pope admitted to abusing nearly 700 minors.

Predator Gets Reduced Sentence

After Abusing HUNDREDS Of Black Minors

A major sex trafficking case
that languished in the South Carolina court system :)

for more than four years
concluded anticlimactically last summer
when a 46-year-old white disc jockey received a reduced sentence
after pleading guilty to 13 felony charges of having sex with children

including hundreds of underage Black girls.

As part of a deal with prosecutors

Jason Roger Pope, once known as “DJ Kidd,” confessed in August 2023
to five counts of sex trafficking of a minor
five counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor
and three counts of criminal sexual conduct

according to South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.

But instead of Pope being sent away for the rest of his life

Judge Brian Gibbons suspended a 30-year prison term for the defendant
in favor of 19 years behind bars
which was a far lighter punishment than prosecutors initially desired for the man
who admitted to prostituting and having sex with 693 underage Black girls

between 2017 and 2019
while intentionally infecting
at least one of his young victims with HIV

prosecutors said