A complete mess of a chart...

Hi, everyone. I'm new to this, so I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with this. As far as I can tell, my chart is a bundle of confusion. I'm a Leo, with ascendant in Libra. So much for a combination.. I guess the fact that my Moon is in Scorpio doesn't help. Overly emotional..with an intense personality, or so I hear.. :smile: I feel like this walking 'human emotion' detector; I seem to pick up even the slightest shade of a person's emotional state, or even a hint of an attitude shift, in friends and strangers alike. Some are not very willing to admit that I'm right in my observations, but most of the time, I seem to 'hit the spot'. Why is this so? Also, people have this tendency to open up when they're around me. I could might as well be a priest with all the confessions I've heard..

The problem is I experience my own emotions so strongly that it seems like my veins could burst at any moment; like my whole body is this mechanism of emotional energy that consumes my every atom. I have troubles channeling it, and most of the time I suppress it with what to me seems a superhuman effort. I guess that's why I haven't had much luck with relationships.:unsure: Love and fulfillment through a relationship with that 'significant other' is the sole purpose in life, in my view, and for me, it's a curse. It seems like no one is capable of accepting and loving me as I am. Since past experience has been disappointing, to say the least, I tend to put this huge wall between myself and others, so as not to get hurt times and times again. Sometimes I think if I opened my chest, this universe of emotions would cover the earth..

When it comes to my professional life-not much luck there, either. I can't seem to find my own 'road less traveled by'. I'm very good at doing whatever I set out to do, but when it comes to being sure of my choice of career, well, I think I might be off track 'a bit'. Anyway, I hope you can shed some light to the reasons behind this curse of mine. Here's my chart. Thanks!:smile:


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