9/11 was orchestrated by the NWO


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9/11 was an inside job in case you didn't know. Orchestrated by the NWO.Deep State, Luciferian Cabal, whatever you call them. They planned & carried out the 'terrorist attack' for the following reasons:

To begin the 'war on terror' which has been going on for over 20 years now & never going to end. Trillions spent with much of it going to the very same group that planned it. They love money, control & power & don't care if 2,000 or 20 Million people die.

Dick Cheney/G.Bush were the main architects of carrying out the plan by their owners in the cabal. CIA are the personal army of the NWO & many now in the FBI are part of the private army.

They got to pass the Patriot Act which gives govt the legal means & tools to spy on Americans & everyone else in the world, arrest them, detain them without trial & pretty much control the entire population with their powers.

They goto to prevent the take-down of the Federal Reserve which was going to be eliminated the week following the 9/11 attack. That's the reason JFK was murdered; he too was planning on taking down the Fed & destroying the CIA.

I'll follow up with some videos another day.

The Truther Movement have been labelled as crazy nutjobs, called conspiracy theorists but they know the real truth which the fake news suppress. The fake news are totally owned & operated by the cabal.

The Truther Movement have been calling 9/11 an 'inside job' for 20 years. There are many professionals involved in the movement (then & now), people with multiple degrees who know what they are talking about. People who witnessed strange things a week prior to the day when the explosives were being placed in the buildings.

Are you a Truther?


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INCREDIBLE! Both Official Stories Have Totally Collapsed! :smile:

This report breaks down major developments in the collapse of official narratives

nd how the things that were supposed to keep us safe

aren't doing so at all.

The only thing Biden built back better is the Talibiden. Not the USA.




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"Never forget 9-11."

"But forget building 7. Just forget it, please."



Ultimate goal was to weaken and destroy U.S. as leading power in world. They little bit over-do it with COVID tho, U.S. have very hard times ahead.