8th house = testing oneself?


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I have an 8th house stellium in Capricorn with hard aspects to my natal sun, if i can attribute anything from my own experience's with this house is that.. Death and Transformation are but one, and it's through the letting go of everything that one becomes aware of their own personal liberation.


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The 8th house is one of those murky areas that I always find difficult to explain to clients. But Ive had 2 cases recently where the clients had Sun in the 8th and seem to experience it as an area of endurance, like they test themselves to see how much they can cope with to see how strong they are.

One was a Capricorn Sun in the 8th with just a trine to Jupiter and she said that she always has to take the most difficult route to everything and experience pain along the way, she doesn't feel she deserves what she gets otherwise. And the other was Sun in Taurus in the 8th opp Uranus in the 2nd, she is not a comfort loving Taurean, in fact she seem to go to great lengths to ensure that she doesnt have creature comforts, her house is cold and bare, she likes to test herself against the elements of nature to see how much she can endure (e.g. goes for a swim in Irish waters on Christmas morning, and climbs mountains without proper gear or protection) and regularly works 3 days straight without sleep, she seems to get a kick out of knowing she can do it.

This is not an aspect of the 8th which I was previously aware of, but it does kind of make sense, I guess you can only know how powerful you are by putting yourself to the test. Has anyone else experienced this aspect of the 8th?

I have sun in the 8th in Cancer.

I need to experience pain and hardship to see how much I can take and if it will transform me in some way. Some of the things I have done to myself are shocking and too ashamed to talk about...............but I think I must experience as much pain as possible...............but I thought I was doing it to punish myself................not so much for endurance , though I may be wrong.

being a sun in leo I do love nice things but when I need to experience pain (8th house) I want to get rid of the washing machine and handwash all my clothes or I want to walk 3 miles uphill instead of getting a bus. Somtimes I finish with a guy to experience loss., I also want to live on as least money as possible to see if I can survive. I also have moon in Taurus, so it all goes against the grain.

I thought I wanted to punish myself...............but maybe it is a test of endurance or transformation through suffering :0


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I assumed that people with a strong 8th house would be used to pain and anguish, however I always assumed that this came from external sources and it was their lot in life to deal with these. But I never thought of them as preferring this way of life, they seem to actively and consciously seek out pain and hardship, and almost dare I say.... enjoy it? Strange concept for me (as I have a very hedonistic chart with lots of Taurus and Leo, so I love my comfort and luxury) but I guess whatever floats your boat!

It may be that, its not so much about enjoying pain..........who enjoys pain???

I think its a learned helplesness (Like in Pavlov's dogs experiment). We experience so much pain early on that we become used to it, and we take comfort from it, almost seeing it as a friend. So when we dont have pain, we wonder who we are and where our identity has gone, so we create more opportunities for pain.......

so it is in my case anyway ( sun in 8th)


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Interesting about the 8th house
I have both my venus and mars conjunct in gemini in the eighth house, I also have North Node in cancer in the eighth house

Still trying to figure it all out,
but I can relate, the constant painful struggles to do the right thing, when everything in me wants to do the contrary, because the wrong thing willl feel better I am sure

Dealing with all the unexpected deaths in my life, coming to terms with it
Inheritance squabbles, another story for another day
Really, really deep intense relationships, all bad of course, having venus square pluto perpetuates this misery
I do not need / or have to test myself, the tests are there everyday, greeting me when I wake up.

thanks for the link