8th house maha and antar dasha


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hey all,greetings

have mars and moon in the 8th house aries and running mars maha and moon antar dasha from 15th june

what should I expect

mars/sun in 6th house Taurus and moon/Saturn in 10th house virgo in d10
mars/merc/rah/sun in 11th house Taurus and moon in 2nd house leo in d9

help appreciated,thanks


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hmoon is in bharani nakshatra and mars in ashwini nakshatra

rajarshi ji how does username spoil whats printed at birth..I agree that name has a vibration but how can planets give favourable or unfavourable effects just by how ones name appears..

Constellations are important. Check which constellations these two planets are occupying, whether favorable or not.

Your user name has spoiled lot of your luck (in my opinion) to get correct guidance.

It is recommended to use real name to get better guidance.



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thank you rajji..

one question...my sun was in vishakha nakhshatr and Jupiter in 5th house Capricorn..being 11.38 degrees I believe it is not debilitated in capri as jup is debilitated upto 5degrees in capri..so why was mars maha and sun antar so bad..

mars is aspecting sun in the 2nd house..

also venus antardasha was really average..venus was in moola i.e ketu..but it did not give desired results..while moon maha with venus antar was excepional

can u explain please

Moon in a constellation ruled by Venus, and Venus is placed in your fourth house....so, Moon has got a favourable constellation which will help you to reduce the problem of Moon in 8th.

Similarly for Mars, it is in favourable constellation as Ketu is in a good house.

"how does username spoil whats printed at birth"

Karma at birth gets modified by our good or bad deeds/actions respectively during lifetime....so, it is not only " printed at birth" for sure.:smile:

Best wishes