7th house placements and marriage


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I was wondering whether anybody could please give me some advice.

The only thing I have in the 7th house natally is Chiron. However, any planet transiting my 7th house will make mostly hard aspects to planets in my natal chart, including oppositions to Moon, Mars ( the ruler of my descendant ) and Uranus. I would have thought this would mean I would be likely to experience the most difficult side of any planet transiting my 7th house.

Does this mean I am unable to develop normal relationships? I know that having Chiron here does mean some kind of chronic pain and wounding in this area of life. I am single though being a Libra marriage would be nice some day. However, do you think that these placements would make it difficult or impossible for such a thing to work out successfully?

I would be very grateful if you would please let me know how you would interpret this. Many thanks in advance.