60 minutes technique


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This Remarkable technique gives our 60 YEARS OF LIFE KEY POINTS.

It uses the 60TH HARMONIC PROGRESSION at a minute per year. Be prepared, for it will be amazing. Here's how you do it.

Get Zet 9 Lite software. It's free. (or use your own software if you have)Input your birth chart data. Set the harmonics to 60 instead of 1. Now allow the time clock to progress at about 1 to 3 seconds per click.
Each minute ahead is equal to ONE YEAR of our life.

Every time the aspects either appear (beginning of) or disappear (end) will be visible, and important to note when each aspect is exact. (You can click on the aspect lines while it moves ahead to see how close to exact by degrees it is). Exact aspects are the key to when events occur.


You will see only a few major changes in 60 minutes. But NOTE THE HOUSE CUSP entries when a planet is exact on cusp. These and exact aspects will give you the year time when they correspond. Pause the program at these points to write down the number of minutes difference from your birth time. for example, 20:30 is 20 minutes past 20:10, (uses military time). This is then the aspect for 20 years of age. Note the planets, signs, and houses. The chart uses the rising sign.

In addition, the rising sign progresses in this method 1 degree every 4 minutes, so every 4 years a new degree of rising. Note when this rising degree is this year for you, and any aspects it makes, or conjunctions, especially those in the past years up to now. This rising aspect is important.

Finally, note the sol and solar arcs from your birth sun, moon rising and MC
degrees. these will be key years also.

any moon aspects or exact aspects of the 1x normal chart progressions
in the first hour of life will be significant markers. The moon moves only about half a degree, or through one sol sign in 60 minutes.

THE FIRST 60 MINUTES IS AN HOUR - this is the key of 60 dynamic years for most people. This technique is enough to do the most thorough chart reading for a person's main lifetime purpose and events.


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WOULD LIKE one of you to test the waters, do this technique and provide some example. Anyone out there, ask me how I can show you !!!?

Remarkable; An independence day gift from Paneagle.
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I would love to do that... but I dont have the expertise to understand the meanings. Still I am installing zet 9 :smile:.May do it sometime latter. But great idea if it works.


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I'm doing that right now. First notice i make is that Moon is on my Asc in the year i gave birth of my child, squares Mars, I delivered her through C-section
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