6 planets in Capricorn/don't like work/why?


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Thank you Larxene so very much(!) for this in depth look at these character elements. Alongside with what Cap added, I found myself very much in what you both said... yet I cannot hide the sadness that it brought me...

Given your Saturnine qualities, that is a natural response. It is okay. Joy and sorrow are part and parcel of life.

What do you think would be a wise approach to the hindering effects of Saturn and all that you've stated? In the end it's a matter of will right?

Practically speaking, I suggest first learning to realise what is important to reflect on, and what is unnecessary or not very useful to ponder about. The idea is to minimise what's called analysis paralysis. There are things that cannot be changed, and there are things where very little can be done by you to change it. The example of the first is the past. Whatever mistakes we did in the past, we cannot change. We can only amend the resulting consequences. In the same way, whatever past misfortunes that we experience cannot be undone. We can only tend to the wounds. Another thing you should avoid doing is thinking about things that you can do little to change. For example, recently I read the news about murders happening near where I live. The more I ponder about it, the more saddened and disgusted I become. But then I realise, there's not much that I personally can do about the murderers or the dead. It is better to use my reflective character to think about something else that is more productive.

This sounds simple, but it is not easy to do. It took me several years to differentiate my thoughts, and learning how to redirect one's thoughts takes practice.

Aside from this, if your slowness is a problem in your career, then you need to gauge how much you can do within a particular period, and to complete tasks according to your limits. Don't try to do too much. You may have a perfectionist tendency. Here again, is where you need differentiate between what needs to be near perfect, what can be good enough, and what is unnecessary to do.

Astrologically, you can do what Christopher Warnock calls "planetary charity". This is a ritualistic process of giving alms to someone that is associated with the planet you want to appease. This is based on the Hermetic worldview though, and you may not hold that kind of worldview. Here, your problems are Saturnine, so you would give alms to a Saturn-like person, thing or organisation, in order to lessen the effects. For more information, click the link I provided above.

If you ask me, no, it is not a matter of will. Rather, it is about understanding the kind of person that you truly are. Then, it is a process of trying to live according to who you are, and avoiding the temptation to try to be what you are not.

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miquar, thank you for your words. :smile: Your last line really spoke to me as this is what I feel whenever I try to focus on my internal self. This is exactly why I feel I need to develop and adapt myself to the outer world, so I can find a sense of solid ground on external involvement and achievement. I don't know if it's a healthy way or even successful, but this will definitely feel like I'm building something. I also feel that if I am to focus on my emotions and inner world(which I feel I have done all of my life) I won't be able to grow myself or help others.

Hi freshblues. In my post and in your reply, the inner emotional world and the outer concrete world were discussed as two distinct realms. But you may benefit from seeing them as one and the same.

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Ok, so: I have 6 planets in Capricorn... that should make me a workaholic right?! But somehow it doesn't... I'm sometimes kind of lazy, I don't really like work and I hate stressful environments.(but then again who doesn't) Recently I have been told that I am a slow worker, that I don't take initiative, that I'm not present enough, not paying attention etc. I also have a big problem with organizing myself and I have a Virgo Asc.( again what?)
I am trying to find out if this is who I am or I may not be the best me.

I posted my chart below... if you can give me some kind of insight about why I may behaving the way that I am and how can I change that I would gladly appreciate.

and it's not just a matter of will, or is it.
Without looking at your chart. Virgo rising are too aware therefor sometimes tend to have procrastination / avoidance problems. Capricorns are late bloomers and are basically more about maximizing their means. So it makes sense that you are doing the minimum effort required to maintain your job. But I guess you will find the worker within you in older age, more like 30 -35, as most capricorns who are late bloomers.


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This is older topic, but I add comment. I have also six planets in Capricorn and I do not like to work either,I share very similar feelings as you. I am not astrologer but I share my opinion. This is stellium, and what I noticed about many planets is one sign, house is that it may anihilate its manifestation. Planets war may make person confused, lot of different manifestations of energies which planets represents make push-pull. In vedic astrology, sannyas yoga occurs with planets stellium, askhetic yoga drives person to give up material world, worldly goals. It is told that Buddha had five planets in 10 house.


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Capricorn, known to some as the Capricorn zodiac sign, is considered an important and profound zodiac sign in astrology. People born under the Capricorn zodiac sign are strict, committed and purposeful in a special way. Many planets have special importance in the lives of the people of this zodiac sign, but the effect of some planets is usually negative on the people of Capricorn zodiac sign. In this article, we will know why 6 planets are not liked in Capricorn and what is their impact.

1. Moon: Moon is more negative for the people of Capricorn. The influence of the Moon can make them more depressed and anxious. They may not be able to express their feelings well and may feel lonely.

2. Buddha (Mercury): The influence of Buddha is also not good for the people of Capricorn. They tend to be self-sufficient when it comes to communication and prefer to work alone, which may make it difficult for them to not form many interactions socially.

3. Venus: The effect of Venus is also not special for the people of Capricorn. The influence of Venus may cause difficulties in maintaining their love and relationships well.

4. Jupiter: The influence of Jupiter can help in making social relationships permanent in the life of Capricorn people, but it has the effect of surrendering them, which can cause them to fall into loneliness.

5. Saturn: Saturn is the favorite planet of Capricorn people, but its influence can make their life difficult. Influence of Saturn They have to face many types of trials and challenges, which can make them feel lonely.

6. Ketu (South Node): For people of Capricorn sign, the effect of Ketu can also be negative. This affects their thoughts and self-confidence, which can lead them to loneliness.

People of Capricorn sign need to work actively and cooperatively to eliminate the feeling of loneliness in their life. They should work hard to strengthen their social relationships and achieve their goals. Despite this, it is also important to remember that astrology is only a guide and the individual effect depends on many factors.


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Stelliums either strengthen their sign's energy or confuse and annihilate the energetical manifestation of the sign because of over-compensation of planetary energy there, so you don't want to work is because that actually overwhelms you and not empowers you.


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If a stellium overloads the energy of a sign, please look at the opposite sign for balancing the opposite sign's qualities with the sign of the stellium, if possible.