6 planets in Capricorn/don't like work/why?


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Well, i have virgo asc just like you do, although i don't see many traits, but for example, i'm really sensitive to my health, am not perfectionist, unfortunately, and i'm nervous from time to time. Well, if you cannot see some traits in capricorn can you at least find them some in aquarius? :)


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Well it's pretty easy to see why you wouldn't like work! You have such an emphasis on house 5 that that would be the area emphasized. How do you feel about house 5 things like pleasure, hobbies, creation (including procreation) and children? With the opposition there possibly could be a lot of see-saw about who you think you should be and what you would rather want to do.


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Like StillOne mentioned, your concentration of planets is in the fifth house. If it were in the sixth or tenth house, it would give you a very strong focus on work--but likely with a caveat: it would have to be some kind of work that you're passionate about, and probably something unique. That stellium includes Mars, which indicates passion, and Uranus, which indicates being unique and different and out of the box. You've also got Neptune in there, adding a mystical and intuitive aspect, and Venus, indicating artistry and/or need for partnership with others, and Mercury, the great communicator. Linking it all is Saturn, which provides great discipline and drive.

Since this stellium is in the fifth house, one of the strongest areas of focus in your life is fifth house things. That includes hobbies, whatever you love to do, and also includes friends and children and creativity and love and risk taking.

Having a strong concentration in the fifth house doesn't exclude work from your life at all, but it's likely that you need those fifth house things to shape your working life. My sister has a similarly strong fifth house concentration, though in a different sign and with a different set of planets, and she's tried several different jobs and is currently a preschool teacher (children, creative lifestyle, things she likes to do). If you're not doing well in your current job and not motivated there, it's probably the wrong kind of work for you. You need something more closely related to the fifth house. Maybe you could turn a hobby into a job. Maybe you would be happy working with children. Maybe a creative kind of work would be better for you.

However, your sixth house is also highlighted because that's where your sun is. The sun indicates your core personality, core self, the sign it's in indicates how it needs to develop and grow over the course of your life, and the house that it's in indicates the area of life where this development needs to take place. The sixth house is the house of service, and while the service associated with it is often defined as the work you do, it might or might not be work done for pay. It could just as easily be a side pursuit that becomes the real focus of your life.

For you, though, it probably is important to find (or create) a "real" job that you love and that provides that growth, for the simple reason that so much of your mental energy is concentrated in the fifth house that you can't spend eight hours a day doing something that doesn't meet your fifth house standards... at least, not and keep your sanity! And with all those fifth house planets in Capricorn, if you made a hobby into a job, you would have the discipline and drive to carry it off. That's what having Capricorn's energy in that area of life does.

That sixth house message is also the purpose of Virgo, so your ascendant also delivers a need to develop yourself through work. It's not true that Virgos (whether Virgo sun, moon, or ascendant) are always organized. It is true that people with Virgo motivating their thoughts are perfectionists, but that doesn't mean perfectionist in the modern sense of the word, but a more archaic one. Virgo is about spending a lifetime perfecting the self through some kind of work. That doesn't mean demanding that things be perfect right here, right now, neat, organized--if a Virgo-driven mind thinks like that, they're making an unhealthy response to that sign's energy. Rather, it means accepting that things aren't perfect yet and working toward perfection--which may have nothing whatsoever to do with neatness and organization. If, for instance, you are an artist, that Virgo/sixth house drive would be all about perfecting your art, not about keeping your studio neat.

But then you have your sun in Aquarius. Aquarius is the rebel sign. Its archetype is something like a 1960s hippie: a son or daughter of the middle or upper class who wants to ditch the college education and stable but stifling office job and join the counterculture and march for peace. (And, like many a real life hippie, Aquarius may "sell out" later, and may easily spend a lifetime going back and forth between ideals and the need to make a living.) Keep in mind, that's a description of the sign itself, not necessarily of people born under it. If you have an Aquarius sun, your personality development is shaped by that kind of message, but that doesn't necessarily mean that's what you'll do.

However, you having an Aquarius sun in the sixth house and such a strong planetary concentration in the fifth house strongly indicates that you need a job that is out of the box, perhaps with counterculture sorts of values, and incorporates whatever it is that you love.


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First mistake....the assumption that Capricorn is "workaholic".

There is nothing about Capricorn that makes it inherently "harder working" than other signs.


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One of the things that can happen here is that newbies to astrology, particularly those whose only knowledge base comes from friends or the internet, will discover that astrology is way more complex than they thought it was.

There is no clear silver bullet linear reductionist process here. There is no simple, "this causes that" scenario. Everything always interacts with everything else.

And the deeper you get into astrology, the less linear it becomes. Astrology is a subset of complexity/chaos theory.

Certainly people have noted a connection to the fifth house, but the reality is even more mysterious and deeper than that, and involves the astrology of how the world deals with you and how change impacts you, and the astrology of your mind and brain and how it interacts with the world that is presented to you.
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Very true.
I understand that matters are more complex than putting everything in a box and pretending like you understand but without these boxes and without the cause/effect mentality it is very hard to comprehend things in a rational way, more so if you don't have an intuitive understanding of how the energies of each planet and sign functions. We understand this world by generalization. Yet we find hope by individual examples of uniqueness. I think things are very dynamic and even chaotic as you've said but that's not a reason not to seek some kind of order and understanding, if this makes ourselves and lives easier to deal with.

This is the scientism reductionist viewpoint. it convinces people that they have to see things this way and that they cannot see it any other way.

It tells people that order only comes through a reductionist linear perception of the world.

I have cultivated the opposite and have discovered that my brain mind system is quite capable of handling lots of different causes at once interacting with lots of other causes, and I don't lose order.

However, if you define the circumstances that it can't be done that way and still have order, then you are like the person who claims to be blind because he has his hand covering his eyes, and won't remove them. There are none who are so blind as those whose simply refuse to open their eyes and see.


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Ok, so: I have 6 planets in Capricorn... that should make me a workaholic right?! But somehow it doesn't... I'm sometimes kind of lazy, I don't really like work and I hate stressful environments.(but then again who doesn't) Recently I have been told that I am a slow worker, that I don't take initiative, that I'm not present enough, not paying attention etc. I also have a big problem with organizing myself and I have a Virgo Asc.( again what?)
I am trying to find out if this is who I am or I may not be the best me.

I posted my chart below... if you can give me some kind of insight about why I may behaving the way that I am and how can I change that I would gladly appreciate.

and it's not just a matter of will, or is it

Ours is an astrological learning forum
so here's some guidance on how to delineate

'…....When many planets occupy same house,
The most powerful action on house significations
is from house ruler
then, from exaltation ruler
then from planet with closest natural analogy with house meanings.
When, among many planets occupying same house,
some correspond by their analogy to meanings attached to the house,
whereas others are contrary to them
then ascertain which of these two groups is the most powerful.
If the former, the affairs indicated will be achieved
if the latter, their realization will be impeded or prevented........'

'….When planets occupying the same house are all benefics,
they anticipate fulfillment of good fortune
and suppression of misfortune indicated by the house.
If they are malefics, the contrary will occur,
unless they are in good zodiacal state in a favorable house.
If some are benefics, and others malefics,
examine with care which ones of the two groups are most powerful,
and judge according to result of this organization
If, in a fortunate house,
a benefic planet is followed by another benefic,
this indicates that good produced by house affairs will be stable.....'


'…..If the benefic is followed by a malefic, the fortune acquired will be lost
In an unfortunate house,
a benefic followed by another benefic indicates that the misfortune will not be realized,
or if it is,
in an extremely limited way.
If this benefic is followed by a malefic, however,
the misfortune signified by the house will certainly occur,
but the native will escape it.
But if a malefic is followed by another malefic,
the misfortunes caused will be very serious and the native will never escape them....'

source of the above information http://www.forumonastrology.com/foa/newmain.html

BENJAMIN DYKES INTERVIEW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP7LwIA9yMY



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Hello freshblues,

You are asking about character. For this, I would look at:

1. The Moon (universal significator of the life and body of the person)
2. The ruler of the rising sign, which is Mercury (accidental significator of the person)
3. The Lot of Fortune (accidental significator, alternative Ascendant)
4. The Lot of Spirit (accidental significator, shows the mind and actions)

For the Moon, it is well-placed, since it is of the sect in favour, in its domicile and in a good house, the Good Spirit. This indicates many things, but among the possibilities are: it makes the person handsome or popular among other people. In the 11th sign with Jupiter, it probably gives the person many friends. However, it is influenced by three things: it is in the same sign as retrograde Jupiter, is opposite retrograde Venus, and most importantly, it is in opposition to Saturn.

Let's examine everything in order. Retrograde planets, based on my understanding, hesitates to act. They are like a person who walks back and forth, over-thinking about a problem, instead of taking action. One retrograde planet isn't a big problem, but two backward walking planets afflicting the Moon will generally affect the character strongly. The other problem is that, Jupiter and Venus are of opposite sect. At any time, the Moon is either waxing/full or waning or hidden. When it is waxing/full, it is more agreeable with diurnal planets (Jupiter is diurnal), but is averse to nocturnal ones (e.g. Venus), and vice versa. Your Moon is waxing, so it receives Jupiter more readily, but the opposition to Venus is more difficult. All this indicates that your character is a deliberating one, someone who hesitates when making decisions, tending to think over things carefully before taking action. [Note: this can be both good and bad.]

Next, let's consider Saturn. The grey star is contrary to the sect, and although it is somewhat well-placed in this chart, it still influences the Moon according to its own nature. Now what is Saturn's nature? It "chills", according to Dorotheus of Sidon. In other words, it slows things down and makes things sluggish. Coupled with the retrograde Venus (for Venus' focus is on joy and delight, it does not focus on effectiveness), this is certainly a potent combination, in the sense that it makes the native (you) do things at a leisurely pace, and to prefer to do things that are pleasurable, while avoiding pain and difficulty. This is increased by the fact that Saturn is in opposition to the Moon. If it was a trine or sextile, Saturn's effect would not have been that strong.

Now let's consider Mercury. It has the same problems the Moon has, but unlike the Moon, it is not as well-placed. It is contrary to the sect and is in an unfamiliar zodiac sign, but it is in a good house, the Good Fortune. His problems are: it is in opposition to retrograde Jupiter, and it is in the same sign as retrograde Venus and Saturn.

Again, we have the same testimonies, that of a careful and deliberate character. You are a person who prefers contemplating about things rather than take actions to achieve something.

I should also note that your significator of Actions (which include Profession) is either Venus or Mercury. I prefer Venus, so something like a musical career, or one that is based on creating joy or delight. But Venus is retrograde and is similarly affected by Saturn and retrograde Jupiter. Again, delays and slowing down of your activities occur as a result of all these planets clustered together in Capricorn and Cancer.

After that we should look at the Lot of Fortune, which can be considered an alternative rising sign. It is in Aries. Important to note is that this is the 8th sign from the actual rising sign, and is called an idle place. This house promotes idleness. The ruler of Fortune is Mars. Mars is very well positioned. It is of the sect in favour, in its exaltation and is in Good Fortune, a good house. A well-placed Mars makes a person more rational and less reckless.

At this point, something a traditional astrology student would ask is, why doesn't Mars make the person someone who takes the initiative and make him a go-getter in life?

My answer is this: we need to look at all the testimonies. The Moon, Mercury and Venus all indicate slowness, so adding Mars to the equation will only decrease the effects of the majority of the testimonies. It will not overthrow the majority of testimonies. Aside from that, Mars is also impeded by Saturn in the same sign. Maternus has this to say about what happens when you put Mars and Saturn in the same house:
"4. When Mars and Saturn are in conjunction and in favourable houses, they produce a balance character, and soften fierce aggression with milder traits.
5. The association with Saturn reduces the unthinking rashness and impatient ardour of Mars and blunts it with Saturn's cold sluggishness. Thus, when Mars' heat warms Saturn's chill, the cold of Saturn tones down the fire of Mars, from this combination of temperaments a sober, well-balanced human being is produced.
6. Nevertheless activities are impeded by this combination, for one planet drives ahead while the other hinders. Those who have Saturn and Mars in this combination never attain what they want."

- Matheseos Libri VIII, Bram translation, 197-198
The last line is not to be taken literally. What it means is that it makes the person hesitate in their actions. Mars signifies one's passions and desires, while Saturn shows the doubts about one's passion and lethargy. So, having doubts and lacking motivation to pursue one's passions, one doesn't attain what one wants easily.

Lastly, I examine the Lot of Spirit. Spirit is in......*drum rolls*......Capricorn! Haha, figures. Again, all the above testimonies apply because Spirit is in this sign. This shows deliberation and sluggishness in mind and actions (actions also include profession). Ruler of Spirit is Saturn, and I have discussed his effects above.

I hope this helped you understand your character. The bottom line is that we should focus more on the planets rather than the signs, as Dorotheus of Sidon advised in his fifth book.

On a side note, I do see many websites and people talking about Capricorn and hard work. I don't know if this originates from Alan Leo, but I believe this is a matter of reframing. All things being equal, Capricorn isn't really about hard work. A sign derives most, if not all, of its effects from both the wandering and fixed stars, and Capricorn in particular is influenced by Saturn. Saturn represents a decreasing influence on things. It restricts one's choices, and it creates losses. Due to this, it creates fear in a person. Fear of loss. Hence, in order to prevent loss, a person works hard to maintain what he possesses. Capricorn embodies this effort at damage control, rather than Aquarius, the other domicile of Saturn. This is because Capricorn is a nocturnal sign, contrary to Saturn's sect, and Saturn is more likely to create problems in a nocturnal chart or when placed nocturnally.
"Capricorn is the house of Kronos, feminine, tropical, earthy...a zoidion for hunchbacks and cripples, the setting of the cosmos, indicator of toil and troubles, a zoidion for stone-cutters and farmers."

- The Anthology, Schmidt translation, Book I, p. 15.


Larxene Xenohart
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Just to add to Larxene's excellent post, all of this is expressed through mostly dominant melancholic and to some extent phlegmatic temperament with just traces of air and no fire at all. Some keywords for fire: action, dynamism, energy, passion, impulsiveness etc.


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Thank you Larxene so very much(!)
for this in depth look at these character elements.
Alongside with what Cap added, I found myself very much in what you both said...

yet I cannot hide the sadness that it brought me...

What do you think would be a wise approach to the hindering effects of Saturn
and all that you've stated?
In the end it's a matter of will right?
What could be my weapons?
As you've very wisely stated, being a person that ponders much,
I've reached a point where everything is the same
and in the same time anything could happen
but it needs a beginning
(I'm also in an empty part of my life, just finished collage, trying to find my way)

Again, thank you very much.
Larxene has anwered your question well

Consider taking advice on decision making
to counter the effects mentioned


'..... I asked acclaimed graphic designer James Victore what made him so efficient.
His simple reply:

“I make decisions.”

We make hundreds, if not millions, of micro-decisions every day
from what to focus our energy on,
to how to respond to an email,
to what to eat for lunch.
You could easily argue that becoming a better
(and swifter)
would be the fastest route to improving your daily productivity......'

a swift search moments ago discovered the following :smile:



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The last thing you could possibly need is sadness. From the beginning of time there were never two snow flakes exactly the same, two flowers exactly the same nor two human beings exactly the same. You are unique, one of the kind and there will never be another freshblues till the end of the Universe. You must learn to accept and embrace yourself the way you are for only then you can fully contribute to the world in your own unique freshblues way.

So, you are not the most energetic worker in the world. So What? That is not such a prestigious thing to be anyway. It is said that everyone is the best in the world in something, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant that thing may be. To find out what it is explore yourself, love yourself and eventually you will understand that what you consider now as shortcomings are actually your special strengths and superpowers.

Enjoy your life!
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Hi Freshblue. Capricorn is the earth sign with the strongest collective orientation. Earth is very boundaried, so in Capricorn we single ourselves out and judge our contribution to the greater whole. This can mean that we get self-conscious, and perhaps ambitious, searching for validity in ways which always lead back to the same sense of futility in the end.

When we feel unable to meet the perceived demands of the outer world, this search for validity falls flat before we even get moving, but perhaps this is better than finding it too easy to slot into the social framework which surrounds us without first knowing who we really are. It seems that this inability to slot in applies to you in some way, and this is not surprising when we consider that you have Moon conjunct Chiron in Cancer, and also Sun exactly square Pluto.

It might be a good idea for you to take your eye off the productivity-meter for a while and spend time honoring the feelings and emotions arising within you. When you are ready you can put that Capricornian energy to good use in the world, but for now you can show your Capricornian respect for life through an internal intimacy with it.

Its easy to look at others and think that they make success look so easy, but actually what are they succeeding at? This may be a question that has some significance for you as you try to find a way to shine your share of the solar light into the world in a way which reflects its Aquarian and Plutonian nature, and while you make peace with your lunar sense that we never really find a piece of truly solid ground on which to stand.
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As I've wrote to StillOne, art and creativity has been part of my life since childhood, and I'm currently trying to keep developing my skills and hopefully make a career in different fields of art. But I've never quite practice the service part, I've always been focused on my inner world and I think this is the reason of my unrest.(South Node Leo) But it's very true that I have to feel passionate about something in order to get myself involved in it, work and give my best. And I think focusing on self was the closest passion I could find, if I can say so ( we are our greatest fans aren't we, no matter how many mistakes we make) but it didn't get me nowhere.

One of my last project based jobs(intern) was helping for the development of a movie. But my job was far from having any link with creativity and
it wasn't a movie I was passionate about so my mind always wandered to projects of my own.(obviously it didn't work out)

As a conclusion, I think of focusing my art(music, painting, film, anything) more on the outside world, other people and in something that I believe in... maybe this will rekindle my spirit and hopefully make me work my butt off.

Sorry if I sound like a self-centered spoiled brat. :)
It sounds like you're self centered in a healthy way. And the sixth house/Virgo idea of service can include "selfish" pursuits such as art done for the sheer joy of it. That's still a service to others because it creates something others can enjoy.

The original idea behind Virgo and the sixth house was vocation, and while the word vocation is currently used to mean any kind of job, the original meaning was a religious vocation, what a nun or a monk experienced that lead to them choosing the monastic life. Nuns and monks spent lots of time praying and doing things simply to develop themselves and their own spirituality, and when they did perform services to others, it was as much about developing themselves as about serving others. That's the real meaning of the message of your sun's house.

Your south nodes being in Leo in the twelfth house looks to me like you've already developed your individual personality to the fullest extent, in your karmic past. Leo is the sign of ultimate personality development, and the twelfth house is the ultimate house. Once something's developed as far as the twelfth house, it can't develop any farther. But what you're being asked to do in this life isn't repudiate any of that past development, it's build another layer to it.

When the personality can't develop any more at the individual level, what it needs is to expand beyond individuality, without losing any of that core individuality. Aquarius is an excellent sign for that message, and a challenging one, too. It asks you to keep your individuality at all costs but parlay it into development that potentially breaks the restrictions of society, and leads the way into new developments in society. Sixth house is in one sense about serving society, and in another sense, more about serving yourself.

When your sun and your north nodes are in the same sign, that often indicates that what your core personality needs the most is what you never learned to do in the karmic past. That can create a pretty steep learning curve. However, you're coming out of the twelfth house, which suggest that you've already had some experience with transcendence, and Leo, which suggests you know how to hold on to your individuality. So I don't think this is a lifetime when you have to learn a whole new way of being, but rather one where you get to build upon what you've done previously.


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I'm sometimes kind of lazy, I don't really like work and I hate stressful environments.(but then again who doesn't) Recently I have been told that I am a slow worker, that I don't take initiative, that I'm not present enough, not paying attention etc. I also have a big problem with organizing myself

I'm not even down to earth, or practical though these are things that I know will do good to me

perfectionists seem to fear mistakes to the point of never starting a job. (here I can find myself :p)

And Aquarius... I am not as rational as an air sign but I keep my feelings to myself even though I feel deeply ( this could also be because I have a Cancer moon - it's strongest, and that could also be the reason why I'm more intuitive than rational)
Taking all of these quotes together, you've spelled out something else: this is a perfect description of inwardly directed ADD. I have it too, and I'm feeling that shiver of recognition that comes when I meet one of my tribe! I have a very different birth chart from you, but I also have Venus and Jupiter retrograde, and lots of indicators of impulsivity that aren't fully expressed because something else checks them... so maybe there's some common birth chart indicators, too!

Whether you've ever been diagnosed or not, you meet the criteria. And if you don't care to think of yourself as having a mental disorder, well, ADD is really a certain type of brain functioning that society doesn't accommodate very well, so it gets labeled an "illness," just like homosexuality used to be. I prefer Thom Hartmann's description of us as hunters in a farmers' world myself.

Those of us with ADD can only work a certain way (which way that is varies from person to person, but it's never well accommodated in the standard workplace), and no matter how interesting a project seems, if the minute to minute work of doing it isn't ADD friendly, we can't do it. I just saw you describe that, too!

Your chart indicates that you have lots of potential to be a change agent, indeed, that you need to become one in the long run. That is also a perfect description of the hunter in a farmers' world.


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My husband has a virgo ascendant. One thing I've seen with him is that he does have a perfectionist personality but hates doing a lot of things because he will go crazy trying to perfect everything and destroy himself with self-criticism so he would rather not do anything at all than get started down that path. He is very hard on himself.