5th or 7th house?


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7th house is the relationship sector. 5th house the romance.

What if you are only dating each other and have talked about relationship possibilities/advancement but not in an official relatinship? Does it goes to the 5th house or 7th house?

How do you define relationship in horary?
I obviously know very little lol But I would assume 5th house since your only talking about it? You haven't made commitments yet. Just my take. like I said I know very little. I hope someone who knows more replies!


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I consider any relationship between a man and a woman as a 7th house matter, unless it fits better in another house (11th - for platonic friendship, 5th for one night stand and so on).
Romance or not, advanced or not, it is still a me-others relationship.
Here's what Lee Lehman says:

Astrologer Lee Lehman has an excellent series of CD's to help you learn horary astrology. I am learning from her CD on relationship horaries right now.

She uses the 5th house for lovers, and the 7th for live-in or marriage relationships.

It makes sense to me to distinguish between the two this way, because you might well be dating someone you have no intention of marrying, so the nature of your relationship would not be the same.

Try both approaches and see what works. I have found Lee's approach works.