5th house in Saturn


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Could anyone tell me anything and everything you know about

5th house in Saturn?


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I’m a Saturn in Gemini in the 5th and I have never had a relationship (I’m 17 years old) just because I don’t have any interest in that, I don’t plan on having children, I’m normally not good with children. There’s probably some good aspects about it, but can’t think of anything currently haha.


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Have you referred to JA's post? I'm not good at quoting/linking, so I hope this works properly...


Here you go!


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Anyways, let me just copy and paste it here

Saturn makes those born under him petty, /2P/ malignant, care-worn, self-depreciating, solitary,
deceitful, secretive in their trickery, strict, downcast, with a hypocritical air, squalid, black-clad,
importunate, sad-looking, miserable, with a nautical bent, plying waterside trades. Saturn also causes
humblings, sluggishness, unemployment, obstacles in business, interminable lawsuits, subversion of
business, secrets, imprisonment, chains, griefs, accusations, tears, bereavement, capture, exposures of
children. Saturn makes serfs and farmers because of its rule over the land, and it causes men to be renters of
property, tax farmers, and violent in action. It puts into one’s hands great ranks and distinguished
positions, supervisions, management of others’ property, and the fathership of others’ children. Of
materials, it rules lead, wood, and stone. Of the limbs of the body, it rules the legs, the knees, the
tendons, the lymph, the phlegm, the bladder, the kidneys, and the internal, hidden organs. Saturn is
indicative of injuries arising from cold and moisture, such as dropsy, neuralgia, gout, cough, dysentery,
hernia, spasms. It is indicative of these syndromes: possession, homosexuality, and depravity. Saturn
makes bachelors and widows, bereavements, and childlessness. It causes violent deaths by water,
strangulation, imprisonment, or dysentery. It also causes falling on the face. It is the star of Nemesis; it is
of the day sect. It is like castor in color and astringent in taste.

11K;12P. The V Place. Many Theorems.
If benefics hold the Ascendant or the Lot of Fortune, the native will be great, will lead the masses, and
will make laws for them. Venus will be especially gracious if it rules the Ascendant or the Lot. Especially
if Venus is in its proper face or in its own place, it makes men wealthy and honored. The same if true for
all the stars: if they govern the Ascendant or the Lot, they produce the good that is appropriate to their
nature and to Good Fortune. If Mars happens to be situated as specified, men will be rulers of all sorts of
places: governors, tyrants, and masters of life and death—not only over lesser men but also over men of
high rank. If Saturn is in this Place, men will be masters of estates, flocks, and herds; they will establish
towns and villages. If the sun is in this Place, men will be friends of great lords, associates of kings,
governors of temples. If Mercury is in this Place men will be successful through words and worthy of
much money. If the moon is configured well, holds the Lot or the Ascendant, and is in this Place along
with its <the moon’s> houseruler, the native will be long-lived, /65P/ growing old in prosperity. The
benefics help greatly while passing through this Place; the malefics cannot do harm.
/67K/ 12K;13P.

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Could anyone tell me anything and everything you know about

5th house in Saturn?

Hi johnstevens,

I'm reluctant to respond given your bizarre obsession and fixation on Saturn in an apparent attempt to blame it on something.

In astrology, we read a chart, not a body. That's why it's called a "natal chart reading" or "chart reading" and not a "body reading."

Without knowing the sign of H5, we can't know what body rules H5, and we can't know how Saturn is interacting with the other celestial bodies or where the H5 ruler is located or how the house ruler for H5 is interacting with the other bodies.


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I'd need to see the chart because not everyone with a 5th house Saturn has the SAME experiences. Other planets, aspects and transits in the future make all the difference.

And to that 17 year old who has already assumed many things based on the fact that he/she has yet to have a relationship....you have a lot to learn.



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Could anyone tell me anything and everything you know about
5th house in Saturn?

5th house can't be in Saturn - 5th house can a) be in capricorn or saturn can be in 5th house -or both. Sign of 5th house where saturn is placed in and house what saturn rules and his aspects are important as well.

Saturn in 5th house is of sun/saturn corresponding energy and is always very ambitous and focussed to have success - taking all life subjects very seriously - even love affairs and love and romance (5th) and feels self-responsible and likes to take responsibility. Shows a strict and straight father demanding and expecting a lot - already in childhood. Good constellation for being a free lancer and to be self-employed.

No success without a good saturn - and saturn in 5th is in general a good success constellation - but surely also depending on its aspects.

I have saturn in my 5th house and I am married for the 2nd time for more than 20 years now - in total over 40 years- and I was in relationship beginning with 18 years.