5 or 6+ planets in the same sign?


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This is indeed a rare chart with much portal energy. However the energy can be restrictive in sharing emotional sentiments with others. Much deliberation is needed and internally debated with Virgo rising. Since all critical reasoning is used to comprehend all the energy in and revolving around the fifth-house issues. The moon in the 10th ruled by mercury allows more balance in creative expression as the Aquarius sun contributes to the higher level of intuition and works well on the more positive side of Saturn being in Aquarius. One should be open to new experiences to direct greater freedom from all the Capricorn compression and the necessity of conforming or concealing their inner-most feelings from others.
@tsmashace also have a very large stellium in Capricorn too! (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)


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what is a Chironian, Quaoarian?
I have a very prominent Chiron that is aspected to AC, DC, Vertex, all the planets except Saturn (My natal Saturn have a wide sesquisquare/sesquiquadrate to Chiron, and it's uncertain if I count it or not), so that's mean i'm a Chironian because he is very integrsted to my personality

Quaoar (Asteroid catalogue number 50000) is a cubewano (or QB1-o) discovered in 2002, and I have it conjunct Sun (24 arcmin orb), sextile my Moon (8 arcmin orb), opposite my AC (2 arcmin orb), trine my Mars (45 arcmin orb), so for me it's my most prominent minor planet and so I describe myself as Quaoarian.


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My daughter has 5 placements in Capricorn (Sun, Venus, Pluto, Saturn, Ascendant) and she is harrrrrdddd work. All but Saturn are in her 1st house. She is only 5 years old but she is very mature for her age in an intellectual sense (definitely not emotionally). She is tenacious and very persistent in getting her way. She is a challenge to parent but I know when she is an adult she will be someone not to mess with!


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