30 years old and still lost... what’s my life purpose?


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Going through my Saturn Return right now. No wife, no kids and no future outside working of dead end jobs in retail and fast food and life is going nowhere fast. Gotten a few readings in the past and they all tell me I should pursue something artistic with my 5th house stellium but I’m not a creative person at all. I don’t have any creative visions or artistic ability. Tried to be but I just don’t have it.

Been trying to join the military for the past two years but keep getting rejected. Working hard at the gym running and doing push ups and sit ups trying to prep for the Army’s Physical Training Standards but it’s been difficult trying to find a recruiter that is willing to work with me. (I have a medical condition that bars me from military service. It’s possible to apply and re-apply for a waiver to be allowed in but the waivers keep getting rejected.) I’m so sick of my family and my coworkers telling me to just give up and pursue a different career. They tell me “Stop working so hard and just let things fall into place, the military obviously doesn’t want you so why work so hard for it?”

Thing is the only reason why I have anything at all in life is because I put myself out there and worked for it, I never got anything in life by just sitting around twiddling my thumbs, I had to get up off my *** and work for it. I keep working to improve myself and put myself out there as best I can despite the setbacks but it feels like I’m throwing darts in a room blindfolded hoping I’ll hit a target. I’m having doubts if if I’m really on the right path. Saturn returns I’m told are supposed to show you a path forward but mine is almost over in March and I’m not seeing any progress, I’m just as lost at 30 as I was when I graduated high school. Can anyone figure out what’s going on in my chart?

Virgo rising, Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn. DM me if you want a pic of my natal chart.


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It is a courtesy to post your chart on your thread. The ones at Astrodienst www.astr.com are the most legible. For a computer, save the chart, and then upload it as a clickable thumbnail at the bottom of your next message. From a cell phone, save your chart to an image service like imgur.com . We're here to help.