2022 Chinese Five Element Astrology: Year of Water Tiger

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2022 is the Year of the Yang-Water Tiger. The first astrological day of the Tiger year is on February 4, 2022, in the China timezone. Tiger contains Yang-Wood, Yang-Fire, and Yang Earth. The Yang-Wood is a tall tree, Yang-Fire is the sun, and Yang Earth is the mountain. Therefore, Tiger is a tall tree standing on the top of the mountain under the sun. Tiger is the king of the mountain.

Yang-Water of 2022 represents the flowing water, river, or cloud. Tiger contains mainly the Yang-Wood. Since Water is the mother element of Wood, the Water of 2002 wouldn't hurt the Wood of the Tiger. If a river flows too much water, the Yang-Earth of Tiger can absorb or stop water quickly. Therefore, 2022 is a strong Wood year. People will have unexpected good luck if their Lucky Element of the Chinese astrology birth chart is the Wood.

Tiger is also connected to motion or thunder in the Chinese I-Ching. Water Tiger is something moving inside the Water. That's a sign of a baby growing inside the womb. Water is connected to danger in I-Ching. Therefore, Water Tiger of 2022 implies caution, growth, development, challenge, creation, planning, and well-preparation. That's a sign to start something new, such as a new business or new career. Tiger year is the first year of the Wood cycle. If you can do well in the Water Tiger year, your good luck will continue for the rest of the Wood cycle: Rabbit and Dragon years.

To understand your Chinese Five Element astrology of 2022 is required your birthday and birth time. You have to know which element is your Day Master in the birth chart and which element is your Lucky Element. Please read from

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Thank you for these posts, Master Tsai.

As a Metal Horse, next year looks to be a good yet cautious one, I think. Forgive my ignorance on the subject but: How does the water element interact with Metal?

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Hi Blaze,

Metal is the mother element of Water. Water is something out of the Metal. Therefore, Water is related to your expression, behavior, performance, outlook, etc.

Water can wash the Metal and beautify the Metal. It's time to show the talent to people.

I don't know Metal Horse is your birth year or birthday. The Metal of the Metal Horse is Yang-Metal, which is an ax, sword, or weapon. Therefore, Metal Horse is an armed horse and ready for battle.

Yang-Metal can be the wind. Therefore, Metal Horse runs very fast. A Horse can outrun the Tiger. The Horse is in the Fire group. Horse and Tiger together make a stronger Fire; Tiger brings up Horse's energy.

Metal is connected to the Wind.

The Water of the Water Tiger is Yang-Water. It can be the cloud and has a chance to rain. Strong wind can carry rain to become a storm. Metal Horse can swiftly run against the rain. It will be the champ when the rain stops.

Therefore, Metal and Water together become a powerful duo. They benefit each other.

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Hello Master Tsai,

Please comment on the order of signs in the zodiac cycle over 12 years. It goes: Water (Rat), earth, wood, wood, earth, fire, then the cycle is repeated with metal replacing wood. It seems there are two cycles.