2017 SR - Is there any job?


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Hello astrologers

I've graduated college 5 months ago and I haven't been accepted in any job

although my GPA is really high but I don't know what is it with luck.

I really wish to know what are some insights about 2017 SR

Also, will there be any job? :sad:

I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

I attached my natal + solar charts


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I really wish to know what are some insights about 2017 SR

Also, will there be any job? :sad:

SR Venus rules the 10th and the 6th (career and vocation houses) and is receiving a wide square from Saturn so finding a new job may be delayed. Saturn requires hard work to overcome, so this isn't necessarily an outright denial, but a job probably isn't going to fall into your lap this year. If you work hard in your job search you could find something, but this is a difficult aspect if you need something quickly.

I do like Jupiter in your SR 10th house to help give a little luck to the Saturn square hardship. The opposition from Jupiter to Uranus could show that when you do find a job it will happen out of the blue (or require a move for your job that is unexpected). The opposition forms a square to Sun and Pluto so the job search (and any new job opportunities) will probably be transforming and have an effect on how you see your self (self worth).

The majority of your SR planets are in the lower hemisphere so this will probably be a more introverted energy year, where you are working to improve yourself versus being out and about partying.

That's about all I see quickly. Sorry I don't have more time to help!


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Woe, Noouraz, congrats! How do you like the job?

I'll have Jupiter in the 10th in my next SR too. Along with Sun conjunct MC. I'm unemployed, but keeping my fingers crossed! :kissing: