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My birthday will have been 8 days from now(I think XD), and I'll officially be an adult(18), yippie. The end of last year has taken a surprising turn, from outgoing to introverted. From focused to questioning, and a realization of the self.

I realized:

-What I was doing was essentially meaningless
-I wasn't creating anything, what I was doing, at best copying off of what people said or did, and never really established my own identity, what I want.

I guess the depression has put me in an identity crisis, not one of not knowing who I am. But more of: What I want out of life.

I wanted something grand in life, perhaps the Pisces energy told me to idealize something that was actually beautiful. The theory of life, as it is now is 1) barely hanging on by a thread and 2) Not real luxurious.

Surely, things have slipped due to being introverted, rather then outgoing. But I learned more about myself in this period, I learned about what I wanted in life last year. I learned about what I need to be happy.

So now, I look onto this year's solar return. What will this year bring?

I remember reading starlink's article about Solar Returns and she said if I remember correctly that where the majority of the planets are situated, that's where your focus will be.

So it makes sense that I have four planets in the 4th house, and in Pisces. It also indicates that I'll be initative since the majority of the planets will be in an angular house. Also the Moon in the First. So the energy to be initative will be there, mostly on a desire for home.

I've had a falling out with my peers(well, most of them) I've theorized that even in college, the intellect would be so fundamentally different, I'd end up frustrating myself then engaging in any actual conversation. So education was not the beauty that it seemed. And I think Neptune-conjunct-Chiron in the 3rd shows that well.

It's quite weird actually, the fundamental truth is that I understand, get along with and converse with adults then I do with my peers. These past several months of observation and brain-storming have proved that to be the case. What I seek, is not in a public system perhaps of any kind.

I find that astrology has always proven to be symbolic. The deeper your understanding of yourself, the more you can understand the aspects as they relate to you. And in this case, the T-Square of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto in the 10th, 4th and 2nd houses fit well.

Saturn is exalted in Libra, but he might as well not be because he's retrograde. Uranus is conjunct Venus in the 4th house. Not quite sure how to read that actually. Uranus is alot of things, mostly however we associate it with change, revolution, etc. Perhaps it's pointing to my change from relatively wealthy family to broke as hell?

The positive is that Venus is exalted in Pisces. But she's in even worse shape then Saturn. **sigh**

Finally, there's Pluto in 2nd. He's the APEX of the Square. In Capricorn. Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign that normally stands for leadership, etc. Here in the second, Pluto is expressing itself as self-worth in leadership.(And true, I'm looking to become active in many social and political environments).

I'm not sure what this challenge presents for me, is it asking me to be persistent even in the face of horrible odds?

On the bright side: Said Pluto is conjoining Jupiter(Who is exalted) but said Jupiter is in Combust to the sun **cries**. What'd I do to deserve this? If any of my planets are exalted in anyway, they are met with a major affiliction.

Sun and Uranus are trining Mars in Leo however. And Mars is in a very early degree too. So there's some energy there, positive motivational energy.

And Mars is even sextiling the Saturn.

Taking the good with the bad, if things are any indicator they'll be a little bad before they get better.


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I usually start with the natal house rising which in your case appears to be the natal 4th . Thus the fourth and 10th houses will be of importance this year. the 4th symbolizes home environment as well as endings. The 10th is reputation, authority, status.
The rulers of those houses and the planets there in are significant.

The ascendant ruler is second thing I note which is Pluto. We find natal Pluto directly on the Ascendant which is an outlet for this natal energy and tells us something about your personal transformation. Couple of things to note to in the relationships between the solar and the natal. Pluto transit is conjunct your natal south node implying a pattern that is habit for you. With Pluto on this this may imply a transformation of an old pattern. It is a powerful planet to have on your ascendant and also conjunct the nodal axis.

Then we look for the most prominent planet in the chart either side of the MC. We see natal Jupiter on the MC. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and can expand negative as well as positive depending on aspects it makes. Jupiter only aspect is its opposition to the sun. And we see it at the very top of the chart bringing this into focus in a public way. It rules your natal 5th house and is located in the 2nd so personal worth as well as pleasure, creativity and romance may come under public scrutiny.
Solar jupiter is conjunct your sun increasing the energy of the ego in the 4th house. Though a beneficial it natally opposes the sun thus the conjunction is either a warning to watch an increase in ego or a chance to resolve this natal conflict. Thus in your aspects in your solar chart you want to look at the natal aspects to see if there is repeat energy. These are always more significant.

We do see a conflicting energy between the Saturn in the 10th and the fourth house stellium which you mentioned. Saturn is restriction and patience as well as repsonsibility. It opposes ego,expansion of ego, mercury or communication as well as the uranus venus conjunction demonstrationg some unexpected turns with loved ones or relationships. Look to house rulership too as well as traditional rulers. I have also discovered it pays too look at what those planets rule in your natal.

Solars can be difficult just to know where to begin. Thus a system helps me:)
Hope this is helpful.


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Thanks for the help, it's very much appreciated. Here attached is the Natal-Solar for 2010 ^^

We see that Mars in the Solar Return 9th, hitting on the 12th house Chiron.
The Ninth House is one of philosophy or the octane learning. So to hit Chiron in the 12th, I guess the wounds are opened up to learn more ^^.

Your right about the Moon being in the Fifth House, for creativity and stuff ^^.

Oh and it's my eighth house being activated ^^. Seems pretty simple enough, we have gone through alot of pain, with the economic crisis and all :). Plus, I accidently spilled oil :w00t: There's alot to go through it seems


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