2 Irish Nuttys / Snyastry Chart


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Hello my Astrology enthusiast's,

Me on the outside and my girlfriend on the inside both from Dublin, Ireland! :)

Were together 5 months!

The question is .... What type of a relationship is this? and Will we still be together in another 5 Months?...

I have my own “basic” astrological understanding of the chart but would love to get some input from all of you on this!

Its a great way to enhance my own understanding of Astrology and please point out anything in chart that you find interesting, its open for discussion and I will reveal the true nature of the relationship at the end!

One love

Wacky. :w00t:



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This chart is too hard to read. It doesn't have the degree of the planets, which is important. Go to astro.com and do another chart.