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I just learned that I have my Saturn at 18 degrees, which I have herd may be the degree of sickness or bad luck. In my 10th house.
Any insight?


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I have personally never heard of the significance of 18 degrees of a sign.

I saw your chart in a previous thread in which, unfortunately, no degrees of planets/house cusps are provided. Calculation wise, I can't make out what is where.

Saturn represents 'the limitations of the physical body'. I.O.W, how much one can take without breaking, through the sign in which Saturn is placed, could effect the area of the body ruled by that sign.
It is the planet of outer versus inner authority, obligation, control, that is sometimes produced by others. 10th house is suggestive of a parent, boss, government body, etc.etc.
Saturn has strong associations with those disorders that can become chronic over time.

Natal Saturn is in Gemini. Gemini has rulership over the nervous system in all its facets, mental as well as physical.
Any harsh aspect between Saturn and another planet could effect (mental) health.
Saturn rules Capricorn, yet is also the traditional ruler of Aquarius. When natal Moon receives harsh aspects, it could be Saturn of Aquarius that is involved.
The chart shows Aquarius on 6th house cusp, associated with physical work, yet can relate to physical disorders when not applied as is necessary.
There appears to be a Moon opposing Neptune in the 6th house, which could relate to an emotional instability. Moon appears to be in a 45 degree aspect to Saturn, and Saturn appears to be in a 135 degree with Neptune. All are considered predispositions toward 'disorders' if their energies are not used as is their intent.

Yet when Saturn in Gemini is able to 'strengthen' the nervous system by its ability to accept the evidence of physical facts (with help from Mercury in Taurus, Virgo Asc.) regarding the reality of life, through cause and in spite of difficult situations a person faces , any physical illness(es) need (Moon) not get through ( Neptune) to affect the physical body.

From your age, you are young enough to change any course you find is not working for you.



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I have a 17'33"-18'00" Cancer rising or my ASC is at 18th degree (actually at 17), including the sun sign's name Cancer and the sign ruler the Moon is conjunct my natal sun in 8th Aquarius to gave me bad vibes on what could it mean in horary predictions, and the traditional ruler to hold a high and strong malefic power like Saturn is in my natal sun and moon sign for 2.5 years from late 2020-early 2023 and it turns out I had a mild covid case in Jan 2021 but I expect to receive my 4th and last shot of the covid vaccine by Dec 2022 at the earliest.


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You're probably referring to Degree Theory which I believe was largely popularized by Nikola Stojanovic. 18 degree is a Virgoan degree and going off his example with the carpenter making the bed for his wife, it adds a minimized accent to the planet / sign. 22 degrees is the "kill or be killed" degree of Capricorn. It doesn't always or literally mean death, but rather an overtone of fighting for survival regarding a matter or thing.


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I just learned that I have my Saturn at 18 degrees, which I have herd may be the degree of sickness or bad luck. In my 10th house.
Any insight?

First of all did you read the sticky, in this sub-forum for Degree Symbols, about understanding the enumeration of the degrees?

I doubt that you did otherwise your query would've been worded correctly.
Is Saturn in the 18th degree [never mind what Sign] or is it in fact in the 19th degree?
If your natal chart shows Saturn to be at exactly 18° 00' 00", then you may say that it is AT 18 degrees.. Anything more than that is, in fact, in the 19th degree, anything less, down to, and including 17° 00' 01", is in fact in the 18th degree.

Secondly, what you are asking about is not about Degree Symbols, but rather the alleged nature of a certain degree... but as it seems this is a mistake that is made about once or twice a year here at this forum, and you are obviously newly arrived... all I have to say any further is, Welcome aboard. If you have any similar such questions in the future try looking through the various other sub-forums here at AW and see if one of them might be appropriate?
If you don't think there is one, then might I suggest posting such a question in one of the natal astrology sub forums?

I'm not a moderator here, nor do I have any connection with the administration, but Degree Symbols is kind of my "specialty", others might say it to only be an obsession, but whatever one might wish to call it, I do like to see that this sub-forum doesn't get cluttered up with threads that don't really belong here. That way the relevant threads don't get buried further back into relative obscurity.

I do have an opinion, or actually more of a comment in answer, that comes from nearly 38 years of determined astrological studies and a lifetime of experience with matters concerning spirituality and humankinds' existence, to your question that may be of help, however?

That is, there is nothing in the Heavens put there by our Creator that was placed there with the intent of being malevolently harmful.

What does cause us grief is due to our own karmic indebtedness and there are those objects, and aspects, that will mete that out.

I hope that I have been of some help to you towards becoming greater in astrological knowledge and becoming more adept at becoming, or being, an astrologer yourself.

Fear not... as for what my signature line says is quite true.:wink:

[read it below] respectfully, ptv
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18th degree - Saturn is how we define something. Without Saturn there would be no lines drawn and no parameters for defining what something is. While Saturn is at 18 Aquarius, this is a sign that applies to any human anywhere - no matter our other differences. Evil must be defined and the house where this Sign and planet and degree falls is where you must define it. Right now it transit at 18 degrees in my first house. For others it will be in a different house. I had a lot of stressful events this year, and instead of stopping or slowing, the events increased one upon the other. Deaths, people acting like jerks, bad deals. Sometimes there was someone to blame and sometimes there wasn't anyone to fault. A hurricane downed several trees and damaged the roof. Whose fault was that? No one's. Yet each event put pressure on me physically to the point where my immune system dropped and I eventually got sick. What was the boundary line - exactly when did persevering and being patient and taking all this **** and going to work every day, cross that line of This Is Too Much. I need ME time. Anything or anyone who makes demands on my time, my physical energy and resources, for me to show up in person to do some kind of work - they are the ones who must now be patient and wait and do without, because I'm sick and I won't be there. That means I have less money, so anyone who is drafting my accounts thinking there will be any money there is in for a surprise when they learn the limits. There is a value that belongs to me and my physically Showing Up. Who thinks they own it? Where did their authority end and mine begin and vice versa? For me, this is my person and my body and my entire being I am contemplating.
Is there something EVIL we are encountering in the answer to that question? I bet you a shiny old fashioned nickel there is.
If it happens in your 2nd house - the focus is on your income, your possessions that is all yours and no one else's. It is your most basic needs in life and how they get met: food, a safe bed to sleep in, roof over your head, and all your valuables. Define it - is it evil to need any of these things? How about to be deprived of them? Is that evil?
If it happens in your 3rd house - your local area and environment, your neighborhood and neighbor, your yard ends here and theirs begins where? The mailman brings the mail, your local phone company, the corner store. What are limitations that are universal. If you talked to your local church down the street, you might find evil is defined very differently than what you defined it as in houses 1 and 2. It's worth a little chit chat and discussion - because you might find out you agree after all if you give each other a chance. Do the local authorities and local rules and regulations define evil the same way we do?
If you get this far with it, you've done pretty good.
Saturn is as much about containing something to keep it from getting out of hand as it is anything else. Evil sounds like a good thing to put a leash on. Dogs aren't evil. But if they bite someone, that would be evil, so we put a leash on them.
Anyway, I'm sick with some kind of flu now. So I'm quarantining and staying home from work.
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