12th house Sun


Hello fellow astro fans, I've got a question for you re: Sun in 12th.
My question is why do many actors/actresses, politicians, and other celebrities have planets, and especially Sun in the 12th house when it represents isolation, sacrifice and service to others, working behind the scenes? Obviously other aspects have to be taken into account but surely having a strong 12th house would indicate someone who would be more inclined to not be so visible?

Examples: Madonna (she's a Leo to boot!), Tony Blair, George W. Bush, David Copperfield, George Lucas, Jodie Foster, Queen Latifah, Rush Limbaugh, Mahatma Gandhi, Charlize Theron, Avril Lavigne, David Beckham, Ann-Margret (she must have the most crowded 12th house)

In Ann Margret's chart ALL of her planets are in the 12th except for Neptune and Pluto. Every single one of them. Really. She has a huge amount of interceptions.

Since looking at her chart I just am very perplexed and continuously fascinated by the 12th house. She always came across as a very sweet and humble person and seems to be very well-loved in the acting industry so I doubt the 12th house is as bad as some people say.

I noticed a lot of people with 12th house influence are often very kind-hearted deep down. I think this is further proof that it's really not that bad of a house, some people just dramatize it. To me it actually seems that no matter what the 12th house native wants, if the sun's in 12th it shines so strong on the hidden (inside, mentality, mind) that it can't help but radiate outside, hence why they get noticed and promoted to important statuses. :smile:

What do you think of A-M having so many planets in the 12th? And what about Madonna, the Leo who's chart ruler the Sun is in the 12th, she sure seems to get noticed wherever she goes? Know someone like this? Any thoughts?