12th House Sun solar


Hello, I am new here. I have been reading your posts and this seems like an astro-educated, objective and trustworthy group :sideways: am I right?

I am facing a 12th house Sun Solar + mars & Saturn & 7th house plus other maleficents...and I am deeply worried, I can post the chart I downloaded from astro.com plus my natal (2/28/69 @ 10:15AM).
My sun has been cycling through Succeedent Houses, Last year was 2nd, prev 8th, 11th, 5th), some bumps but relatively easypeasy.
Being hit with this 12th house: interpretations are really scaring me. Past few months have been much difficulty and upheaval already, Don't know if I can take what's coming if this was only the beginning, if this year does even half of what's predicted. I do not see any silver linings and I'm considering relocating for the weekend of my birthday, if I can afford it, although I don't have a valid passport so I can't run very far. (being Pisces: avoidance is the go-to defense). I know you can't outrun Karma and "choosing" your chart can make things worse.
and I know there's disagreement about whether you can relocate your Solar Return, but at this point I would try anything. Unless there's something I'm not seeing here, it looks pretty bad to me.
I know 12th house should be my home. And if it was just about me I would embrace the white water coming on my own, but I'm the head of household, captain of a ship of Teenagers, health insurance, college applications, heating oil bills plus emotional relationships, keeping everyone safe. Safety is an issue. Legal problems, health. It could come from anywhere.
Very worried, if anyone wants to share experience, wisdom, words of advice
***please do***


attached please find Solar Return: February 28th, 2014
and Natal: February 28th, 1969 :pisces:


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Thank you for moving this >>> I realized it should be in "Read My Chart" rather than Solar Return discussion but I didn't know how to move it!