12th house stellium + SR Asc conjunct natal Desc


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I'm new in the Solar Return charts. I am quite worried about this year's SR that started at the end of March.
I have a 12th house stellium - Pluto Jupiter Mars nad Saturn - 3 malefic planets plus the greater benefic! One of those planets (Saturn) is also the chart ruler!
My Solar return ascendant is conjunct my natal Ascendant. Most of the things I read are really fatalistic and negative!
Also, the Sun is conjunct Chiron and Lilith!
Could anyone give me some insight?
Everything was going great before my birthday, and pretty much five days after that I got dumped, I started having problems with my university, I lost my job. And now my roommate left, and I am supposed to pay all the rent + bills for my flat. One of my best friends is arguing with me all the time ( there is no real problem she is just having a tough time herself and is bringing it out on me), and I can't take it anymore!
I am trying my best not to get all depressed but it's really hard. I do have some spare funds to cover my expenses. I am mostly worried about my degree.
Could someone give me any insight and what I should look out for?


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