12th House stellium and chart ruler 12th house sun


I have a Leo sun, mercury, and Jupiter all in the 12th along with my mars and Uranus in pisces (7th) My Leo ascendant naturally makes my Leo sun in 12th my chart ruler. Yippee!!!


It's super confusing to have two different sides to you, but because it's "Leo," it's naturally assumed that you are super extroverted. I am the complete opposite of extroverted. I love to spend time by myself, and I feel most like myself when I am alone. It is then that my Leo sun/rising qualities come out. With my Leo rising, I tend to find that people look at me a lot, like a full-on stare. However, people don't approach me a lot, and I have been told I am "intimidating" I think that may be because of my Leo stellium in 12th because people assume I am closed off, which I am (I also have a Uranus-asc aspect). If they got to know me outside of a public place like school, work, etc. (public places take my energy from me), they might get to see my more Leo sun and rising qualities.

I am always in my head, I live there. My mother always said I was in a different world. She could be driving and talking to me and I would be fixating on a light unable to hear her. It is still like this even though I am now 18, I still hyper fixate and leave this world. I am in a different dimension I guess. It affects everything I do especially with my mercury in 12th. I tend to never be able to talk or focus on a convocation.

I also have been told I have a guardian angel by others (12th hosuse Jupiter). I have always known I am watched by something else. When I was that shy child I remember singing to it (I always associated my guardian angel with my grandmother who died before I was born) I used to make up songs about my love for it. It has protected me so many times. When I was 7 I slipped and fell onto a counter top the corner sliced my eyebrow just above my eye, I could have lost my eye. When I was 10 I was in a 6 car crash with my aunt on our way back from church, I was unharmed. When I was 13 my house burned down in the morning only hours after we have woken, me and my family were at school and work. When I was 15 I went kayaking with my family on our river and a tree fell feet away from me into the water, I was only a minute away from being crushed and drowned. I also am I horrible driver and have almost gotten into so many crashes but I think something is protecting me. etc.

My 12th house Jupiter is almost exactly conjunct my 12th house mercury, I haven't figured this out but I am assuming its significant.

As is my 12th Jupiter being very close to my ascendant.

I could go on about this forever but I wanted to share my experiences and I would love it if other 12th housers shared their experiences.