12th house opposite 6th house stelliums


hey everyone,

i'm kind of new in the world of astrology, but i'm progressively interested in deepening my knowledge of it

according to astro.com, this is how my natal chart looks like:


sun direct | moon direct | mercury direct | venus direct | mars direct |jupiter direct
saturn retrograde | uranus retrograde | neptune retrograde | pluto retrograde | true node retrograde

so, recently, i've found out that stelliums do have a meaning to be, and also have the hability of reinforcing the time of 'coping' with an specific subject of life. i've really tried asking google before coming to you, as i don't know if you're used to doing it, but since i couldn't find anything similar, i ask you:

what the karmic hell? two opposite stelliums?

right now, i am a 21 yo guy who's looking forward to "be happy" professionally. most people who surround me seem to be finding their own paths very with lots of ease. putting some effort to see myself with an outsider approach, i see 'me' like an average person with great expectations about himself, but stuck in confusion. as 12th and 6th houses deal with spiritual and work issues, i feel like my psychological state has something to do with these peculiar positions.

i'm aware i may be sounding very "google astrologer", and that probably is the reason i came after your knowledge. help me, if you may: does my chart suck so much as i think it does?
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Welcome to AW,

firstly, it's very common for the outer's (saturn,uranus neptune and plut) to be going retrograde (backwards). It's more important to focus on inner/personal planets that are retro, like mercury, which will turn direct, venus poss, and mars prob never...

you have a see-saw chart shape
See-saw chart

plus a yod with venus as apex planet - Finger of God
Info on Yod’s


stelliums in houses

12th house is 'serve or suffer' the house of seld undoing, mass unconscious energy, that tends to dissolve issues/planets..

12th house planets/aspects


Research threads on AW

Saturn Retrograde
* feels inside that they're never good enough
* indulgent outward behavior may mask inner feelings of inadequacy
* hides fears

Uranus Retrograde
* reconsiders outward expressions of rebelliousness
* feels inside that they are different
* outward conformist behavior masks inner feelings of non-conformity or ...
* goes out of their way to upset others apple carts
* has a difficult time finding their niche in society

Neptune Retrograde
* feels guilty inside and so ....
* tends to blame themselves when things go wrong
* super sensitive inside and so .....
* puts on a tough skinned mask

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your mars is domicile and strong being the highest planet BUT heavily challenged by squares to planets iin 6/12th.

the cappi stellium in 6th I see as most problematic, as these planets may well affect your health, daily routines and relationships with co-workers..

moon in cappi is in detriment and very weakened plus it's conj Saturn showing cautious, reserved emotional nature, quite able to endure financial hardships (prob like mum)

I use Equal House system (where each cusp is same as Ascendant) and am a modern astrologer. Lots of newcomers come into Astrology/forums and get a free chart from www.astro.com and the default ‘house system’ used is Placidus and think that’s just the norm and all there is……..BUT that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can change the default on astro.com in Extended Chart selection to Equal house and a few others if you wish to experiment…..

So venus would be 11th, do you get a lot of pleasure from friends, groups? veunus in gemini is THE most flirtatious sign going and very much a social butterfly and in 11th suggests lots of different types of friends, but this area is where you seek affection and give it out. Now this venus is also a singleton planet ie:eek:nly planet in air. But also mars is a singleton ie; only planet in fire element which your chart lacks these elements. so 4 in earth and 4 in water, plus both of the are in earth and water houses. so very practical and emotional then. What tends to happen with missing or short elemental balances is, in air it tends to make sweeping statement syndrome, with not enough thought behind speech. then lack of fire suggests low energy, drive, impetus, initations...

Now, your progressed Sun is currently 7' Leo conj Asc and you have felt this influence or will do very shortly. It means more fire, drive energy,and more visible leo traits. It has been in leo for past 7 years, but stuck in 12th is still a dissolving influence
Mercury square mars shows an argumentative speech pattern
mars square moonn = bossy mother
mars square jupiter = confidence
mars square saturn = stop/go situations, delays and frustrations of actions (mars) and doing ones duty in a cautious and constructive manner.

In Equal house ruler of IC/home roots/family/early chidhood environment is in scorpio, ruled by pluto and in Equal house pluto is in 4th suggesting one parent was strong, controlling, poss manipuilative, prob in subtle ways as pluto is well aspected..

How to find your career- sticky in Vocational Forum

ruler of MC/career is taurus/venus and venus is in 11th

Ruler of the Tenth House in the Eleventh House
Your career may be connected to an organization with a common cause, such as humanitarian efforts, wide-scale social change, etc. It may also involve your friends or large groups of people. Your career can be subject to unexpected circumstances beyond your control, however, breakthroughs can happen suddenly. You have the ability to be in a position of authority within groups of people and you can be something of an authority figure to friends. Most likely those who gather together work towards some kind of social change.

Ruler of the Sixth House in the Sixth House
Your work may involve helping people or performing some kind of service that they'd rather not do themselves. The work you do may also be related to the health and/or nutrition field. You worry about your coworkers. or your employees if you have them. Part-time work may appeal to you.

ruler of 2nd Virgo/mercury and posited in 12th suggest money earnt could be spent on chartities and humanitarian things that would increase your own self worth

Saturn in the 6th house
· Have to work for what is received. Difficulties with employees and in working conditions due to a separateness and a demanding-ness. Hard worker but shouldn't expect everyone else to have the same attitude about the job.
· A tendency to worry and fret can cause health problems even stomach ulcers. They may worry unduly about their health.
· Can be a little bit nit picking and be irritated far to easily.
· Makes for cautiousness and practicality. Work is not as important as attitude toward it.
· Security may be found in hard work.
· These people have high expectations and meet challenges, delays and difficulties at work.
· Efforts are rewarded by slow advancement.
· Probably work alone and behind the scenes. Won't moan about work just get on with it.
· You will gain confidence by your untiring efforts for perfection, and will gain much respect from co‑workers.


whoah, you sure gave me a lot of information i didn't know. if it's not too late, i'd like to give you some feedback about the ~astrological panorama~ you gave me.

those yod interpretations simply scared the hell out of me.. an inflicted venus in 11th seems to be translated in my everyday relationships. sometimes it feels like i love but don't have the energy to deal with people at the same time, blocked by an unexplained energy that impels me not to be myself, so i spend some time alone, then i go back and forth back and forth back and f ... well, somehow people still seem to like me and i do like people... and flirting (that i sure can do easily), and dating. but who doesn't like these, right?

it's funny what you said about my 'cappi stellium' (i liked this abreviation, sounds sympathetic) because i never get ill, and when it happens - although i feel like my whole world's crumbling down - it usually heals fast. if you're talking about chronic diseases, well, i prefer not to consider these possibilities since that's not good for our psyche, plus, i'm practically an hypochondriac ;p

i don't feel my mother as bossy, although she has a huge influence in me since she raised me 'alone' [single mother in the 90's]

one thing i can't tell you, though, is my relation with work, since i'm still trying to figure that out, so i will accept the interpretations you gave me. things i know are that i crave for a blend of happiness and *status*, but maybe i should just relax, you know. but i don't consider myself the most responsible or workaholic person i know nor feel i want to do charity until when i reach a very comfortable $ financial $ level.

hope someday my lazy sun decides to 'jump' to a better house while still in leo, so i get the drive you said i lack of, because that's very true. feeling stuck in inertia surely fits me. (just kidding, i know planets don't behave like fleas for the sake of physics. but they should.)

i'd like to thank you again for replying to this thread. i'm not used to going out in forums and asking for help like that, since i always believe people will not read me. i've been exploring the rest of the site as well as taking astrology lessons with a nice lady from here - claire -, and as i'm mainly concerned about my professional choices, maybe i should ask for help in the vocational section - using the equal house system as reference.

anyhow, thanks a lot! :biggrin: