12th house NN/ 6th house SN... & general chart feel


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This chart...
is the composite of a soul companion and I. We have been best friends for years and understand one another like nothing else. We joke about our past lives and are also actually really interested in spiritual concepts such as these and spend all of our time talking about them.
Now that I'm getting more into astrology, I have been more interested in analyzing our astrology composite than my own / my composite with my actual boyfriend, lol. I wonder if this means something.
Specifically, I've read that the 12th house NN / 6th house SN axis is quite interesting and tells tales of intense connection karmically. I eventually reached the point where I read everything available online about it and still wanted to know more. I was hoping someone could enlighten me a bit more with their interpretation of this nodal axis, and maybe anything else of note in our composite that hints at karmic or past life information. I can also post the individual chart links too if that helps. Thanks in advance, this is my first post in this community!