12th and 7th house lord with north node


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Hi everyone,
I was wondering as to how to understand the following synastry chart. I really like the guy, he also thinks our attachment since school is fantastic but he wants to label it as deep friendship. Sometimes I think am I over romanticising it because of my libra 12th house natal placement. The ruler of my 12th house (venus) which also happens to be my 7th house ruler(Taurus) is placed with north node in 3rd house in Capricorn. I am this life time heavy aquarian, which means should I be an unconditional friend.... Some astro advice here would be really helpful
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Your overall synastry potential is only 51% (5.1/10). Not a good value for long term relationship. If you are looking for a lifelong partner, look elsewhere for it. Your 7th House of Partner is described by Taurus; find a younger boy born in 1994 with Taurus rising sign.
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In synastry, I don't see the ruler of your 12th and 7th in the 3rd telling us much.
What I do see is that so many of your planets, including and especially your Suns and Moon, are one one sign apart, disjunct, not in relationship by aspect. This suggests to me that the two of you will not be able to see eye to eye in many areas of life. That you will have a hard time understanding one another in a close relationship.
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the synastry chart is good,his 7th lord jupiter is in ur first house conjuncts to jupiter,ur 7th lord venus conjuncts his 7th lord neptune,also there is north node there,u two have great marriage relationship,but still need to check composite and davis chart, to confirm