12th and 6th house axis


Hello! I wanna know if my 12th house synastry placements bring out the bad themes of the house and if there's hope for healing and undoing . I'm also intrested in how the 2 opposing themes of the 12th and 6th house collide in relationships. These themes are present both in my synastry and in the composite chart.

On my part: North Node, Moon (afflicted) in his 12th; Venus, Mercury and Sun in his 6th house. On his part: Mars in my 12th h. (inconjunct my Moon, conjunct my Mars). In our composite chart we have our 12th house in Cancer, a stellium in the 4th house (Sun, Venus, Mercury) (IC in in Scorpio), Moon in the 8th house in Pisces and Neptune in the 6th house.

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