10 year age difference, Same sun & moon. Synastry insight?


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I just started seeing this guy recently, we're 10 years apart almost to the day. (about a week and a half a part) and we have the best chemistry I've ever had with anyone I just met. I'm curious to get some insights on the potential of our synastry!

Attached is chart & aspect table


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Looks like a bit of kismet to me...His Venus conjunct your Saturn...
still two Capricorns together? Perhaps he can help you move beyond your Saturnian limitations and restrictions in life; or perhaps it is you who has something to offer to him to offset his Pluto/Venus tension; this can represent the healing power of love, yet one might wonder what secrets he carries from his own past and if they have yet been resolved...I should think that the age difference should not be as significant between 2 Capricorns...:wink:


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My husband of 17 years and I have a 9.5 year age difference, and I think it's worked out fine: our differences and points of disagreement, in any case, have nothing to do with our age gap. In synastry, it is very helpful if people "come from" the same place so far as their emotional natures and identities are concerned.

I find those Astrodienst bi-wheels awfully hard to read, but it looks like you've got some moon-Venus chemistry, as well.