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  1. Athene

    Out-of-sign combustion technicalia

    Hi to all, i'm having a bit of struggle here as to how to correctly weight the out-of-sign combustion case. I am wondering what are the general experiences and the outcomes people having with the charts having this kind of scenario .... For example, with the Sun at 27°Aries, and Venus at...
  2. Athene

    Eclipsed SR Ascendant

    Hi guys, i am having this year so many of exact cj/opp coming from the the starting and ending points of the retrogrades, SR included, that my chart, and life is beginning to look like a flipper to me :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :pinched: But now that i checked the incoming solar eclipse angainst...
  3. Athene

    When the AC/DC rulers are conjunct

    Having a highly porous personality ? Being easely modifyed in ones ways of expression by others ? A personality that 'doesnt exist outside' the 'we' frame ? Living for social interaction ? I am looking at those shots of mine, and being a Libra rising Ve/Ma in Pisces, cant but wonder am i...
  4. Athene

    Cancer DC / cj Moon from 7th

    Basically, benefic or malefic ? :andy:
  5. Athene

    Am i cut for an illustrator ?

    Hi guys, i'm so excited about this one :lol: I finally found the guts to confront this long burried dream of mine and pull it over the rug ... and then, i casted a chart for it. I'm very new to horary and sure i'll drown without some assistance here .. If nothing, i rely on your kindness to...
  6. Athene

    Pluto in the 12th

    Does anybody have insights to share on this one ? Thank you :innocent: ~
  7. Athene

    What's the name of this aspect pattern ?

    Hi, i'll be very grateful if somebody could help :aquariusimg: ~ The only thing that comes to my mind is "diamond" but when i try searching under it, it doesnt match. I'm not native english so it's hard to find my way around it, needing assistance, please & thank you ~
  8. Athene

    Saturn in the 2nd and Pluto rulling the cusp - earning for life

    In the matters of the 2nd, i have pretty much two of the greatest 'malefics' rulling and rolling this house :sad: Having more, POF conjuct Saturn there and NN opposing them as if that's not enough . . I am struggling with financially securing myself pretty much my whole life, to the point...
  9. Athene

    Will i be ever able to resume my education ?

    And should i pursue that course of action ? I had to drop out of school having family duties to abide, and while i'm quite the studious type by nature studing and researching areas of interest all of my free time, it's a nervewracking issue having to cope with this inability to make it hapen...
  10. Athene

    When composite Lights occupy the same degrees as both idividuals Sun/Moon midpoints

    Hi, so i'm not looking for an interpretation but rather has anyone encountered or delt with this same kind of configuration ? Please share your insights if so, it will be very appreciated :happy: I'm usually working parallel synastry/composite/davison, so please let's stay focused on this...
  11. Athene

    Left/right brain dominance and the Yin/Yang ratio of the chart /statistics/

    I've just come on this idea by braistorming, could the left of the right side brain dominance be traced within the Yin/Yang planetary ratio found in ones chart ? Let's do a little statistic folks :sideways: :wink: What should you include for the statistics : - your planetary Yin/Yang ratio...
  12. Athene

    Startypes : large scale planetary patterns, geo + heliocentric, natal + relational

    Each of the links here are free e-books, so you should wait several seconds for them to load and then save it. Transcribed from the download site : Here the graphic ephemeris ...
  13. Athene

    Moon inconjunct Pluto

    This is one link i found about i think will be worth of sharing : [deleted overly long quote against forum rules - Moderator]
  14. Athene

    Witches astrological signatures - sources, anybody ?

    To start, i should say i didnt ever involve in praxis with witchcraft, just passing over the topic as over so many other spiritual legacies out of pure love for knowledge and curiosity. In fact, i arent a part of any structured religious system, but arent atheist either. However, recently i...
  15. Athene

    12ve House Davison Mars

    I'm searching far and wide, but cant find clues about this specific position in Davison. If anyone has insights, please share it, much appreciated ! Love, S
  16. Athene

    An 'old' love brought by the Eclipse

    Allmost precisely this eclipse has past i had retoughts of heart on an old love of mine :sideways: It was pretty ugh hard too, flashbacks like shotguns style, many things recalled, many of them reevaluated in a whole new light. Intresting thing is that, at the same time precisely, i got...
  17. Athene

    Help to read the patner from my Natal

    So, the cusp of is in Aries, its ruler Mars in 5. Pisces cj Venus, the dispositor Neptune in 3. Capricorn. The Mars/Venus conjunction in Pisces, what should be a blessing, gives me allmost a hint that i dont need a partner really . . What do you think ? Has anybody expirience with the...
  18. Athene

    Strong atraction but walls are there - would you disrecomend ?

    It was mutual fascination, but from afar. Both of us are very closed contained characters with some agendas that gets in our way. We managed some time ago to get together, and as things got further it went obvious that there are some walls we are unable, or unwiling to cope with. We splited in...
  19. Athene

    Saturn trapp S Node cj Pof

    It's quite for a while that i'm trying to decode this configuration. I understand it's the the key aspect of the whole my chart. In adicction, Saturn's opposing Chiron to :bandit: /what a dude/ :lol: . . Anybody who can , thanx for all your help :love: [poster gave no astrological...