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  1. star7

    Will my daughter relapse?

    Heroin. 5 months clean.16 yrs old.
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    Job Termination

    Will I be fired from my job this year? The medical office I have been employed with for almost 2 years, moved into a new building this week. This move is the physical merge of 2 other medical practices. One week prior to this move,I was given a written disciplinary warning regarding poor job...
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    Transit Pluto Square AC

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    Uranus :)

    Interesting transits.... Lots of Uranus/Jupiter/Moon/Neptune ;) What do you think? Am I going to move/relocate? or meet someone dreamy? lol
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    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on natal Juno in Virgo 12th house? Everything I read points to Karmic marriages...possible to get it right? I have been down the isle twice...and hesitate to attempt a 3rd time for the charm ;) Thank you! star
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    Meet Romantic interest

    I am "out of love"! Seems to me most people recommend "meeting someone" to "get over someone"...I might work, but's not a healthy way to start a relationship. That being said...I am ready to meet someone based on the fact I no longer have a romantic...
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    Childhood Abuse

    Good Morning :) I have recently "remembered" being sexually molested by my father before the age of 5 years. Astrologers have asked me if I had issues with him in childhood...but nothing specific surfaced other then being an "Adult Child of an Alcoholic" so many other millions of people...
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    Grand Trine interpretation please

    I was recently told I have a Grand Trine.... Neptune/Jupiter/MC "Neptune being the leading planet, trining Jupiter (in Neptune's Sign) trine your MC creating a grand trine." I would love to hear any thoughts on this... and wondering if this could be indictive of intuitive/psychic abilities...
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    Transit Uranus 6th House

    Per Caro's suggestion..posting:
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    Will disability be approved this next year?

    Good evening astro community! I was terminated/fired from my job yesterday. I am now an unemployed single mother. I am considering applying for long term disability or possibly short term disability. I have Fibromyalgia and Narcolepsy. I am so tired of feeling like I have to act like everyone...
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    Career choices

    Good morning Astro Community! Saturn is crossing my Ascendent as we to speak lol.. So far my experience has been ...feeling more in tune with myself, yet not relating to others. And in the last week or so , I feel more intuitive then usual... The bad news.... I was terminated/fired...
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    When will I get married again?

    OK , I have resisted remarriage for a long time ...but in retrospect I think it might be in my best interest as well as others ....... Honesty is the best policy ;) At a glance doesn't look promising...what do you think? thank you! star
  13. star7

    Will he contact me this summer?

    Trying to learn to trust my intuition....difficult when emotions are involved,good or bad. My intuition tells me my ex-boyfriend wants to contact me.... not sure if he will... insight??? Thank you for any insight :) star
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    Lucky transit Jupiter Trine Uranus?

    Hi! Charging through Saturn transits can be depressing...but I believe nature demands balance in one form or another. So maybe , when experiencing the lessons of life , nature gives us pause with unexpected pleasant surprises :) This is my hope with my current transit "Jupiter trine Uranus" ...
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    Transit Saturn for Aqua

    wow I had no idea this would be so tough! Transit Saturn conjunct Ascendent totally has surprised me so far! I thought I knew who I was...not so sure anymore :( Any insights and guidence would be greatly appreciated ! star
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    Peace from Coastal NC, USA

    Good evening everyone! It is a pleasure to rediscover this site. Evidently I joined this community in 2008, lol...maybe at the time I was to shy for forums, but alot has happened since then to say the least. I grew up with astrology, my Mom always talked about Sun Signs, and I remember reading...
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    Next love relationsip

    Moving on from a recent break up in a long term relationship is a challenge. I usually have no interest in starting a new relationship for at least a year after a long term break up. In fact I didn't date for 5 years after my divorce. But I am not getting any younger....and I still look forward...
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    Composite Future together?

    Hi ! I am posting Natal's and composite of a long term on and off again relationship with my ex. I thought at one time he would be my Life Partner. Now the odds aare highly against it. What went wrong? Is there any possibility it could be resolved? Thank you for your time and thoughts !! star
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    Hi! I am recently coming out of a commited relationship of approximately two years and more . "Rad" and I met while we were still mourning our ex's. We had immediate chemistry and 8 months after meeting we moved in together as well as my 2 children and 3 of his children. Everything went downhill...