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  1. julia

    progressed moon at 0 aries

    hello! Can you share your experiences when your progressed moon was at 0 degree of aries? new beginnings? a new cycle?
  2. julia

    Unemployment and reassessing of my career

    Be careful, Label, transit saturn will conjunct your moon...
  3. julia

    Full Moon Aries Sept 29 2012

    when transit uranus conjuncted your sun, what happened at your life?
  4. julia

    Progressed Sun conjunct natal Moon

    what happened?
  5. julia

    Progressed Moon in the 12th...

    did your progressed moon conjunct your natal sun and venus? if yes, what happened to you?
  6. julia

    Any other Capricorn Moons out there?

    I have also pluto at 7 house. How do handle this position of pluto?what is your sun/asc?I am aries with asc aries.
  7. julia

    Any other Capricorn Moons out there?

    I have capricorn moon too at the 10th house! My question is:how do you feel now that transit pluto conjuncted or is conjuncting or will conjunct your natal moon?
  8. julia

    Eclipse contacts: Jupiter, Sun, Venus

    thank you for your answer!
  9. julia

    Eclipse contacts: Jupiter, Sun, Venus

    what happened after solar eclipse conjuncted your natal venus?
  10. julia

    11th of July Solar eclipse on my natal Venus !!

    what happened finally?
  11. julia

    Jupiter Transit

    I would like you (the above members who had the transit jupiter conj venus) to say, if their natal jupiter is well aspected or afflicted.
  12. julia

    interpreting my chart using the Lilly method

    why don't you upload your natal chart?
  13. julia

    psychic? or crazy?

    Hello! First of all don't be afraid!!! You are not only the one person in the world. I am one of those, who have dreams that come true. Try to read more about this at books/astrology/forums! Can you upload your chart using placidus systems?thank you in advance! by the way, we have same moon!
  14. julia

    Are we soul mates?

    can you upload your synastry?
  15. julia

    Venus square Mars

    Likeeee it!!!!
  16. julia


    Moon is at the last degree...This is not a good sign.
  17. julia

    born at the same day, so what?

    [deleted by request - Moderator]
  18. julia

    Happy New year!!

    Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. julia

    Mars and Pluto in 7th house

    what aspect do your mars and pluto make with the other planets?
  20. julia

    Lots of Pluto action... 10th and 7th houses, input on my interps

    I have the same asc aries. When pluto conjuncted my MC nothing happened at the area of my public area. The same at the second time. This year while pluto had just passed my MC, I took a decision to give up my second job because I had to start an educational course. I have to say that there were...