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  1. julia

    progressed moon at 0 aries

    hello! Can you share your experiences when your progressed moon was at 0 degree of aries? new beginnings? a new cycle?
  2. julia

    born at the same day, so what?

    [deleted by request - Moderator]
  3. julia

    solar midheaven

    My solar midheaven conj my natal vertex, which is at 2 40 libra(6th house) for the solar 2012. Is there any, who had the same? any experiences?
  4. julia

    hello again!!!

    hello!!!!!!!!!! I am glad that I am back at the forum!
  5. julia

    last eclipses before your birthday

    I read that there is a chart, which is called prenatal solar/lunar eclipse. You can make this chart if you find the last eclipse before your birthday. You will draw the chart according to the information of the eclipses. The house, where is at located the sun(solar eclipse) and the moon(lunar...
  6. julia

    Will I find my key?

    I lost my key of my office today. I cannot find it. My key is the ruler of the second house (virgo). The ruler is at my 5th house. I am also sun and moon. Moon will trine mercury. This is good. what do you think about this?
  7. julia

    5th or 7th house?

    I would like to ask a question, which has to do with relational horary. When we ask a question about someone, with whom we are already in a relationship, do we take him as a ruler of 5th or 7th house?
  8. julia

    Will I go to this office?

    My owner of my office did not give any receipt of payment for the rents, that I paid to him for the last 5 months. Every month I make a deposit at his bank account. He avoids me to give any receipt. I do not have any problem to prove that I pay my rent because it is obvious, but it is necessary...
  9. julia

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!!!!!! Love and health to all people all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  10. julia

    Retrograde Mercury and skype

    There is a problem at skype today in the evening at Greece. I cannot log at skype. I noticed in the internet that the problem is general. Does retrograde Mercury have to do with it??? just curious... ;)
  11. julia

    asteroid tea

    Does anyone know anything about the asteroid tea ( 453 )?
  12. julia

    happy birthday Fensi and 07.Re

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best!
  13. julia

    your partner and astrology

    Do you prefer your partner to be familiar with astrology? Or do you prefer a partner who has no knowledge at astrology?
  14. julia

    conjunction of mars and venus

    During the summer there was a conjunction between mars and venus at libra...the same now, this time at scorpio. What are your experiences from this conjunction? Did anything happen at your life?
  15. julia

    20 degree of Libra

    Has anyone read something particularly about the 20th degree of libra and the meaning of the planet's position at this degree of libra?
  16. julia

    orbs at horary

    Are the orbs between aspects important at horary chart?
  17. julia

    I need your help!

    I met a guy on Saturday and I would like your opinion about this relationship. We are not a couple yet. synastry sun opposite mars This connection is highly energizing. venus conj moon ( orbs 9 degree) Romantic relationship Jupiter conjunct sun Jupiter will expand Sun. composite sun in 11th...
  18. julia

    Composite Chart vs Davison Chart

    I would like to ask you what do you think that it is most accurate the composite chart or the Davison chart.... I also noticed that that there are some other charts at relationship section : Composite chart, method , Davison Chart corrected and uncorrected. Can someone explain me what...
  19. julia

    Transiting venus/mars/saturn-Descendant

    Transiting Venus/Mars/Saturn will conjunct my descendant (Libra). Venus rules my second house, Mars and Saturn rule my 6th house. Sun is at my 1st house natally. I wonder what these transits will bring to me... What are your experiences from these transits?
  20. julia

    Will I be accepted for PHD?

    Hello all. My question is if I am accepted by the university for PHD. I am the venus and moon (the querent). Mercury and sun are the quesited. Moon and mercury are at 10th house. Sun is at 9th house. Venus is at 11th house. moon and sun : unaspected. moon and mercury : conjunction. venus and sun...