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  1. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Pisces: Sick and Tired

    As an Aquarius (Virgo ASC,opposites attract!),I agree that Pisces has been treated unfairly. Being called a drug addict,and too "dreamy". I feel bad for you guys at times (yet again I am over emotional).
  2. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Mercury Goes Retrograde Sept. 6, 2009 at 6'13" Libra

    Here's your chart,Ravi: Wow,double Gemini with Cappy rising!
  3. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Mercury Goes Retrograde Sept. 6, 2009 at 6'13" Libra

    I have Virgo rising,and Mercury in the 5th house. I'm sure children,romance,and all of that is going to undergo a change. Not to mention,tommorow I have the sun starting to transit my first house.
  4. Capricornius_Aquarius

    98% of you will probably agree!

    :O I was part of the 98%,nice job.
  5. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Sun, moon and ascendant of the person you love/fancy/admire

    My other crush.... :sun::pisces:,:moon::gemini:,:virgo: rising... :biggrin:
  6. Capricornius_Aquarius

    I wish I was a..

    I wish I was a :taurus: sometimes...quiet and stable. I am an emotional wreck (:sun: :aquarius:, :moon::cancer:,:virgo: ASC,Venus :capricorn: trine ASC,:mars:/:jupiter: :pisces:,:mars::square::pluto:),and these people are very quiet and nice. I would watch out when they get angry! I would also...
  7. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Guess my sign....

    Pisces sun maybe? Maybe Cancer or Scorpio....some Libra or Taurus mixed in.
  8. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Name That Song! ~Astrology Edition~

    Yep,you got both right! The first one was "Dissident" by Pearl Jam.
  9. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Name That Song! ~Astrology Edition~

    The second one is David Bowie-The Man Who Sold The World (sorry if someone already got that). I know that by listening to Nirvana's cover over and over. Here's some more (90's edition): 1::venus: nursed :mars: there, over a night,I wasn't so sure :venus: wanted :mars: to stay. 2:What if...
  10. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Beware Mars conjunct ASC

    I have Mars conjunct DSC. Which also means I have Mars opposing the ASC. I hope you guys aren't getting hurt too badly.
  11. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Sidereal Astrology: Let's Open the Debate

    Hey Awakened Pisces,that's an interesting therory. The DSC is relationships with other people. I agree with your therory,because I am Virgo ASC,and I feel a lot more of Pisces than Virgo. In sidereal...hmmm,I don't feel very Aquarian (I am an Aqua sun myself in tropical astrology). Anyways,I...
  12. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Sun, moon and ascendant of the person you love/fancy/admire

    It's a celebrity,I don't know the accurate ASC,and without a birth time (the moon entered another sign on his birthday),I don't know his moon sign. He's a Gemini,and using an automatic moon sign generator with a 12:00PM birth time,he's a double Gemini. (Sun/Moon=Gemini/Gemini)
  13. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Chart Rectification

    Thank you for telling me,Arian. :) I'm a novice to recitification.
  14. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Chart Rectification

    Sorry for revivng such an older thread, I stumbled upon this. I rectified my birth chart with the Rectification by Trutine of Hermes/Animodar-turns out my birth time is off by HOURS! And I mean several hours. Here's my rectified birth chart. Turns out my mom and I have the same rising sign. At...
  15. Capricornius_Aquarius

    New Ascendant For Everyone?

    Hmm...the website won't come up for me,Lulu. It does seem like you are right about the 12 lots,though.
  16. Capricornius_Aquarius

    New Ascendant For Everyone?

    Aries rising doesn't sound like me...could you do the one sidereal with Pisces rising? Thank you. To get my 0 degrees POF rising sign on,I had to go and change my birth time. Here's my new Sidereal chart (Pisces Rising). I know sidereal describes me better. (Everyone I know calls me...
  17. Capricornius_Aquarius

    New Ascendant For Everyone?

    I would be ASC Aries. :ariesimg:Saturn in the first...Aries dosen't really describe me....that is tropical anyways,let's go to sidereal! Pisces rising sidereal...that is totally me! :piscesimg: I always feel more like a Pisces rising than Virgo rising. What program do you use?
  18. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Favorites/Least favorite signs

    I am an :aquariusimg:,Virgo ASC. Favorites! Pisces-Dreamy,handsome,beautiful. Their daydreaming,fantasy ways are just like mine. I daydream about Pisces and their wonders. Pisces males have always given me the cold shoulder though I still love them. Pisces women are my friends. :piscesimg...
  19. Capricornius_Aquarius

    The worst day in history of Mankind -- Aug 15th, 2009!!

    I don't get this post..anyways...lots of squares that day,but again,lots of squares next year. I don't see armageddon happening,but maybe a change in politics. I think Frank is right. After all,he did help me figure out which time of day to use for my chart. :biggrin: Today is August...
  20. Capricornius_Aquarius

    Lyrics To My Song...

    I write a lot of poetry and's a song called "Hole". If you want to tell me,along with feedback,tell me which zodiac sign(s) this sounds like the most,you are certainly welcome. :smile: Hole Oh dear,how I miss you. The days are dreary,some,I can't bear the pain. Hearing your...