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    Will he leave his girlfriend for me?

    Will he leave his girlfriend for me? (what signifies his girlfriend?) They are together for 2,5 years. We first met 3 weeks ago. We dated 3 times. Thank you for your replies!
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    My chart and birth control effectiveness

    Hi there, I've never taken the pill before, but have considered it several times. I dont think it's 'natural' but I don't want to get pregnant too. I need your help regarding to fertility etc... How much I'm fertile? Is it safe enough for me to stick with not that efficient birth control...
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    When and where will I find love?

    I'm lonely and looking for a stable love relationship. I'm dating but can't find the one. Thank you for your replies.
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    What is his girl type? (Can you help me?)

    So, this is the guy i'm interested in. I need a little bit help. Can you tell me by his chart what is his girl type? Is he a womanizer/liar? Is he someone I can trust in? I really like this guy, but I always fall for the wrong ones. Please help me.
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    What does he feel for me? (Pls help)

    Hi, I need your help with this horary question. What does he feel for me? I think he only wants sex not a relationship.
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    Pls help me regarding to my Love Life

    Hello Everyone, I feel heartbroken right now. I'm unhappy in love for yrs. No serious realtionship at all. Can you help me what do you see in my chart regarding to my Love Life? Any chances in a near future? When will I be in a relationship? Where can I found love? Do you see marriage...
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    Will I ever be successful in singing?

    Hi there, I've been reading you for a couple of months and here's my first question: Will I ever be successful in singing? By successful I mean get signed, make a living, give up my day job and sing full-time, become professional. I love to sing, perform, write music I basically love...