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    Dog Bite Degree & Constellation of words site?

    Hi, I can't stand the black background of the Constellations of words site now gives me a migraine. Literally. Anyone have contact info for that site. Hoping they change it to white! It's ridic. Anyway do any of you lovely astrologers know what the Dog Bite degree is, what constellation etc...
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    When Will Her Husband Leave Her?

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    What happened to and noendpress?

    poof gone for months. Anyone know if they are coming back? Loved noendpress!
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    Happy Birthday AquariusT

    omg. Just saw this :love: Thank You!
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    When Will Her Husband Leave Her?

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    Will My Baby Have Down's Syndrome?

    Way to go Dr. Farr~:cool:
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    Will My Baby Have Down's Syndrome?

    Congratulations!! Long Happy Life for the New Baby!
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    Astrology and Pregnancy. Which transits?

    Are you writing a book or article about this? (Not being sarcastic) or is it for personal use?
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    Interesting Article About Yods

    deleted for personal reasons
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    Meaning of seeing a Meteor?

    :smile: You're welcome. Sorry I didn't post anything else I was eating. LOL I have seen many. I have seen many sky happenings in my lifetime and they are amazing, aren't they?
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    Meaning of seeing a Meteor?
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    Poll: Which House System Format do you prefer?

    I was taught Koch. But also Whole as a *sign* and to always take it into account and this seems to work just as well. I don't use Placidus. I learned here at AW that Reg is the way to go for horary. But I am finding that Whole seems to be more accurate for me lately and will continue to use...