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    help me with positive and productive manifestations of my pisces planets in the 3rd

    Hi all, please see my chart attached. I have mars sun moon mercury and south node in the 3rd in pisces (mars in aquarius). At this time, I have transiting neptune conjunct my moon/sn conjunction. I am looking for positive/productive manifestations of the energies in my third house. I read...
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    Transiting Saturn, Pluto and Neptune upcoming transits for me, looking for insight

    Hi All, I have been away from this board for a long time, but am back. I wanted to throw out a request for interpretation to all the masters out there! I have attached a chart of my transits and progressions for Jan 2020. Currently I'm experiencing Tr Neptune Conjunct Natal Sun, and its been...
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    anyone up for chatting on efnet?

    i am idling in #astrology for now, anyone interested in chatting please join! I'm interested in talking about todays full moon in pisces. see you there!
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    question on reception in relation to relationship horary

    just as an example, say asc is cancer / dsc cap moon, sig of querent is in libra saturn, sig of quesited is in scorpio so by reception can we say that since moon is in the fall in scorpio and saturn is exalted in libra, that querent has more interest/holds quesited in high esteem, whereas...
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    Declinations: Anyone care to give a short lesson?

    I have never learnt about declinations in my 10 odd years of being into astrology. I would love to get a quick summary from the more learned members here. Thanks! :)
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    rape by coersion/threat

    i was recently raped by coercion/threat. i'm not looking to really discuss the incident in depth and am not looking for sympathy. i am curious what in my chart would indicate this. this is the second very negative sexual experience I have had this year. in fact all of my sexual experiences this...
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    peripheral neuropathy - psychosomatic and temporary or not?

    a couple months ago i took an antibiotic (metronizadole), during the course of which i started to have vague and slight peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet (sensory only - tingling, itching, just random odd sensations). after i finished the week course, it went away, but over the last...
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    Elliot Rodger

    Anyone have any birth data?
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    solar return feedback? jupiter conj asc from 12th, pluto conj dc from 6th

    Hey all! i'm just looking for some feedback on my solar return for this year. i've read that pluto conj dc means that the native will meet a partner in the coming year, so am wondering about that, especially with SR moon and venus in 7th, and both squaring mars in libra in 4th. what do you make...
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    Dr Zakir Naik - Muslim televangelist

    I had no idea who this guy was until my local convenience store clerk started going off about him and encouraging me to watch him on YouTube. From the little he told me, I knew that I wouldn't be impressed, but I figured I would check it out. Anyway, this guy is a hugely popular Muslim...
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    Will I get away from my landlord without incident?

    To make a long story short, my landlord (I rent a room in her house) has turned out to be a bipolar oxy addict. I'm not even joking. I gave my notice today, for jan 1, and she is essentially attempting to extort money out of me that I already paid. She said I didn't, I have receipts from her...
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    Chiron conjunct sun by transit - advice please

    I'm going through a hard time, and if anyone could give some insight, I would appreciate it. Last year I moved away from home and to the states to start a new school program. I was initially living with a cousin, who turned out to not be a very nice person at all. I now rent a small room in a...
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    Should I go see him? Help with my interp please

    Background: having issues with my on again off again boyfriend/lover/soulmate/whatever. It's kind of killing me inside. He has some serious emotional issues. I am planning to go see him, he is in another state. We are currently not talking, I am planning to let hm know that I am coming, and then...
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    Sorry don't now how to delete a post, mods pls delete this. Thanks!
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    Trying to understand why people sometimes get offended by info that I provide

    I am starting to experience an issue with others, in that they seem to get offended/on the offensive when I say things to them, and it is always to do with me providing information that is contrary to information that thy have provided. i never had this problem before, probably because I was...
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    Rob Ford: mayor of Toronto, Cracksmoker

    20 things worth knowing about Rob Ford Rob Ford best quotes This is the chart of Rob Ford, mayor of...
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    Will we get back together? For learning purposes

    I'm avoiding things I should be doing so obviously am running horaries trying to learn something, because its my weakest area in astrology. So here's a question I asked about my ex, if we will get back together. I was thinking of like a year or two timeframe when I asked. Do I want to get back...
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    How will I do on my exam tomorrow??

    ...that I should be studying for now, but instead am fooling around on the Internet! Asc ruler sun in 9th conj mc and separating from a conj with mars, which rules 9th and would be the significator of of the exam? Sun in joy in 9th...moon in 5th separating from Pluto and applying to venus so...
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    Composite - venus/saturn/Pluto and packed 8th house

    Hi all, Looking to get some feedback regarding this composite of myself and a new friend of mine. We are classmates (he sits in front of me in one of my classes) and we have struck up a friendship over the past three weeks and have been studying together and texting a lot. At first I got the...
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    i had my friend committed today

    Today was a very stressful day for me as I got a call this morning from a friend with whom i've had a turbulent past, who has been suffering from mental illness. I went over to his home to find him barely coherent, sitting amongst piles of garbage that fill his apartment. i knew that he was...