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    Dog Bite Degree & Constellation of words site?

    Hi, I can't stand the black background of the Constellations of words site now gives me a migraine. Literally. Anyone have contact info for that site. Hoping they change it to white! It's ridic. Anyway do any of you lovely astrologers know what the Dog Bite degree is, what constellation etc...
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    What happened to and noendpress?

    poof gone for months. Anyone know if they are coming back? Loved noendpress!
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    When Will Her Husband Leave Her?

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    Will he be terminated from his job next week? I have a question as well.

    *He* is my husband so he is the 7th. He is in jeopardy of losing his job next week. Do I take his 6th house ruler or his 10th house ruler? He is the Sun and his 6th house Ruler is Saturn. He is Sun conj Saturn, is this a yes? Or do we use his 10 house Ruler which is Mercury? The Moon is...
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    Need you opinion on this horary queston please

    Need your opinion on this horary question please Deleted for personal reasons
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    What house is the Daughter in Law?

    I forgot~what would you choose?
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    Chiron from TMA on FB
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    Timing. Can you give me your best guess?

    edited sorry..personal reasons
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    Can someone please help me with this chart?

    Today in my Natal, the Moon is in my 12th and it was conj my Natal Jupiter, and is conj my Asc right now of 20 Aries. Plus, Transiting Venus at 20 Libra is conj my 7th house/DSC and opposes my ASC and Natal Jupiter 15 Aries in the 12th. So, I think something is going on behind the scenes. I...
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    Will we be living together within the Month?

    deleted sorry sorry deleted.
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    New Outcome Chart

    New Outcome Between Us Chart REFRESH sss
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    Is the Moon Mercury conj in Horary a *Yes*?

    Depending on the question and the house, of course? If I ask a question and in the questited's First house is Mercury to exact conj to the Moon is the answer Yes? I know there is more to it but would you consider it a yes? Chart attached just for a look to see what I am speaking of. I am...
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    Scarab Beetle in my house!

    Does that have any meaning? I never saw one and didn't know what it was until I ran upstairs (I was in the basement) to look on google. My daughter told me it was a beetle when I described it to her. I now know they are dung beetles but we have no dung or animals in this house. :biggrin: I was...
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    If you use Reg houses are you taking off the 5° on the cusp?

    I never saw that mentioned here, I believe. It is on page 124 Anthony Louis' book. He said he uses Koch and if you use Reg like Lilly, then you need to take off 5° off the cusps which was Ptolemy's practice. Does anyone do this? He said planets approaching the cusp of a house from a previous...
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    When is he coming home?

    deleted sorry Deleted sorry
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    Does anyone have Barbara Dunn's Horary Book? if you scroll down you will see this person's review. I have never been to this website before and have not heard of this book. Has anyone had a chance to read this book? Horary Astrology Re-Examined Barbara Dunn
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    Is he with another woman this holiday weekend?

    Deleted sorry Deleted for personal reasons