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    Help interpret this INTENSE connection?

    SHORT STORY: I finally saw him this Saturday. We just looked at each other, i couldnt interact because i was in a group and couldnt separate. Couldnt feel my legs anymore, trembling, i felt like i was floating, we kept on smiling to each other and looking as much as we could. I remember now and...
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    Please help me understand this synastry...?

    What can you say about us? Please.... I feel deep spiritual love for him.. but i dont know his intentions or what his role is Our composite I am blue, he is red
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    Want to know WHO were you in a past life and WHEN?

    Hello:) Past life astrology is obviously closely tied to our chart - that is a complex map made up of past experiences of OUR SOUL -us. Those experiences affect us in this current life and shape who we are. We have decided to work with those energies in this life. But how do you know exactly...
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    Shika sei ki ) Hello

    There is no heart symbol on this forum, so i figured out i will use the reiki symbol for it, that is much more than what you think :) I am just another soul fighting like everyone one does/should. Its funny that I associate myself with Love (we all are Love, this is our core), and i also see...
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    neptune in composite scares me :( help

    Hello ) I want to ask about the general meaning of neptune in a composite. I have a neptune/moon aspect that is extremely relevant in my relationship with a friend, it is also conjunct the south node exactly. It scares me a little... and maybe someone that has a similar experience or...