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    Any special consideration for the last degrees of Pisces?

    I noticed recently that any planet in the last degrees of Pisces, specifically the 4th Pada of Revati becomes vargotama in all the divisional charts thru the Navamsa, and maybe further in later degrees. Is there any special consideration for this? I have a friend with Jupiter in this placement...
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    Ketu Conjunctions and Nakshtras - Does Ketu pull conjunct planets into its Nakshtra?

    It seems to me that when you see ketu conjunct another planet in neighboring Nakshtras, the planet expresses more of the characteristics of ketu’s Nakshtra than it’s own. Is this something anyone else has noticed? Or is there another explanation I’m missing? For example, if the native has...
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    Do you see divorce in this chart?

    I'm curious if anyone sees divorce in this chart. The 7th house looks pretty strong to me. He has a Ketu dasha coming up in the next couple years, about the time Rahu matures. With Ketu in the 10th, any thoughts on how this will affect his home life? Thanks for your help! Any input is greatly...
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    8th house Romance with Rahu contact - Should I run away?

    Hello everyone! I need some help. I have developed a swift and obsessive relationship with a coworker from another state. We met five years ago at a conference and we were inseparable and infatuated with each other from the beginning. It was so taxing after we went home that I had to break...