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    Need Money:( but trouble in my job.. please see my chart :(

    HI, I work for a big IT company . I am in dire need of money so I do my job properly. But there is some serious trouble in my job. Can you pleaseread my chart and tell me the recent developement good or bad you see here . Appreciate your help !! I have enclosed my chart as well. thanks !!
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    Settle Abroad

    Hi, Will I settle abroad permanently ? Time :- 2nd November 2012 , 1:34 AM Bengaluru,India .
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    Help Me

    hi, I have been trying to settle abroad for quiet a long time . I tried for my masters but it did not happen. I read it some where that there is a house in the chart that tells you whether you will settle abroad for a good purpose or not . Can some one help me here ? If not settling , when...
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    Late Marriages

    Hi , I have searched a lot through the net and have found that people who have saturn in their 7 house have late marriage . Also, they face problems in the marriage . But its derogatory effect is lessened if it is aspected by some other planets. Please throw some light on this . Please find...