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    Lost book

    Hi everybody, I have borrowed two books from my mum, now she wants to have them back. I have find and returned one book, but I can't find the other one. They are about Feng shui. I am not even sure if I have borrowed book nr.2-- I can't find it in my apartment. My question was: Where is the...
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    Relationship in this year

    Hi, my question is if I will enter (emotional) relationship (till the end of this year let's say). I am Venus in 4th in Cancer soon to enter Leo. Mars (my 7th) is in my house in Taurus. Moon entered Aquarius in my 10th, house of business. I appreciate if someone would like to help me read it...
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    is this love

    loveq If there is something between us
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    does he like me

    I wonder if my workmate likes me. He is Sun I guess and I'm not sure what's my significator? Please help
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    will I find friendship this year

    This part of my world makes me really worried nowadays, so I wonder if there will be some new friend/s (or old ones coming back) to my life?
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    who is he

    I asked with whom will I have next love relationship. He seems to be a venusian person as I can see. He is in my house(I suppose Venus), and I am Mars in 2nd (2nd ruled by Taurus and Venus). It may be someone connected with my workplace (6th house Uranus). Please correct me if I'm wrong
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    relationship in natal chart

    Is it possible to see from a natal chart
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    is her frienship bad for me

    is her I have some suspicion ?
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    relationship dynamics

    What would you say is going on between those two persons
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    My nessus

    nessus Could someone please explain me my Nessus?
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    Secret feelings

    fee So I have tried to read it but it's not easy, so if someone could help me with it.
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    second marriage and children

    children Where in chart can I look to recognize life important love partners and eventually children? I would really appreciate some comments
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    I'm glad I have found this place as I'm interested in astrology and see mathematics in it :)