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    Fattest sign in the zodiac??

    I have a stellium in Pisces and I m so far from self punishment as can be. I would never see food as a form of self punishment. As a means to compensate something, definitely, but food is always linked to enjoyment so there is always a self soothing aspect when it comes to food. Food = life and...
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    Pluto conjunct Lilith in Synastry

    Nothing happened with that guy anymore. I do think about him sometimes still in a sexual way. Still with the bf. how about you?
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    Lilith in synastry

    it's the married man's responsibility whether he's gonna cheat and wreck his own home not the other woman's
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    Fattest sign in the zodiac??

    This only applies if the rising isn't influened by a "slimming" planet like Pluto. I have moon and cancer rising but both are tightly squared pluto which makes my face slimmer. I do have a very feminine body shape though with a small waist and big hips/bum I read somewhere that Aguilera has a...
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    Venus Pluto aspects in synastry

    haha you are **** right. I am quite intense
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    Mercury square/opposition Uranus

    I've been there many times. I was feeling really on the edge and had to breath myself into calmness again. Especially during my dark night of the soul. And yeah our aspects seem to mirror each other. Very interesting
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    Venus Pluto aspects in synastry

    haha lol. no. In fact most of my planets are in soft signs (mars is in Pisces) but I don't come across soft and mushy at all apparently. People do feel intimidated by me sometimes. I do have Pluto sq. ascendant and pluto sq moon though. Maybe they make me come across a bit intense?
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    Venus Pluto aspects in synastry

    I think he was scared of me somehow. Hot for me but also scared...:unsure::bandit::lol:
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    Mercury square/opposition Uranus

    My Uranus is also in the 5th and Mercury in the 8th :)
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    Mercury square/opposition Uranus

    I can relate to this SOO much. I do like to shock people sometimes though and people have told me that I come across as too direct. I don't mean to offend anyone just for the sake of it. M merc is sq to Uranus but also trine to Pluto and consequently sextile to Neptune. I do have a very good...
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    Venus Pluto aspects in synastry

    yeah we do have some easy ones too (Venus trine Mercury, mercury conjunct jupiter, moon sextile mercury..., I just listed the hot ones ;) I checked my transits and I had Pluto sextile my natal Venus. I dunno if that's profound enough though? We had progressed Uranus (me) tighlty conjunct his...
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    Venus Pluto aspects in synastry

    It's weird because he's been attracted to me for years before and I found him sexy, too. We only knew each other from Social Media and at the beginning of this year he felt compelled to meet me in person after all these years (although he did ask for a meeting at the beginning of our social...
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    Venus Pluto aspects in synastry

    I know but that wasn't really my point. The thing is that not every person with whom you have sexy/good/intense aspect will evoke those feelings in you. I know plenty of people who make brilliant aspects to my personal planets with their own personals (so fast moving and thus much "rarer" than...
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    Venus Pluto aspects in synastry

    I always come across this argument when reading about Ven con Pl aspects but that's not how it works though is it? Your soul chooses who you are attracted to and then you go and check out the aspects between you and the person and the aspects describe the type of attraction. I do have a Ven-Pl...
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    Soft vs. Hard aspects and sexual attraction (synastry)

    Hi folks, how do soft and hard aspects differ when it comes to sexual attraction between two people and can soft aspects with non sexual planets influence the sexual attraction? For example I have Mars conjunct Moon Venus trine Mars Mars sq Venus Mars trine Sun Venus trine Pluto Mars square...
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    Venus opposite Pluto composite

    I have that with my boyfriend and we do argue a lot.
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    mars square uranus in syanstry

    My grandparents had these aspect (along with Venus sq Mars and Mars Sq Neptune) and they had a long and very stable marriage. No unpredictability whatsoever
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    Please help me with this analysis I believe she is a twin flame karma

    No, not necessarily. It definitely is a matter of maturity and circumstance whether someone openly talks about their feelings for another or not. I had men in my life who I never told my affection and feelings for. And I had men telling me - after they stopped feeling for me - that they used to...
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    Twin Flame? Soulmate? Help me decipher!

    That's what is annoying about some astrologers. Because she said she was a Pisces sun some people automatically read "martyr" and "self sacrificing" into it. You wouldn't have said that if she had a different sun sign. She has strong feelings for this guy and wants him back. Something many women...
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    Venus square ASC in synastry

    Not at all. I have that with a guy ( he is the Venus) and he is very attracted to me