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    The Ugly Side of the Age of Aquarius

    This comment is too powerful to go unrecognized, so I am bringing it out of the depths of another thread where it was not recognized. I too, having lived through 6 decades, am overwhelmed by the increase of cancer and other diseases - and the frightening growth of autism and life-threatening...
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    Two quintuple transits during past 3 years

    Since early 2017, I have had two quintuple negative transits to very sensitive planets in my horoscope. The effects have been unexpectedly devastating. Before 2017, I had obliviously assumed that transits could occur only three times in a row, but I have, in the past three years, experienced...
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    Here to discuss quintuple-hit transits!

    First, I'm very happy to see that this forum is so active again. :smile: For a long time it seemed to me to be ominously quiet and deserted. I would often visit and leave rather depressed. :sad: My name is Ancar, Cornish for "lone wolf, recluse" - a characteristic you'd find very obvious in...