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    How to find your career in a chart

    I have the same "problem", Gemini rising, Pisces Mc. Is that your north node in the 4th? To me the issue is that the Focus should be directed to the the 4th and not the 10th. Maybe w Gemini rising it's not so important that u "finish" anything, that's capricorn talking, part of the matrix you...
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    New guy

    Opinions on this sinastry? Couldn't find my first post so I show you the charts here. Don't know if it Will show tho, I did my best. It's a new relationship and i'm worried about this being a one sided relationship on my parte and that he's not that into me...
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    Dating a shy Taurus guy

    I Guess his cáncer moon would be more cautious than what you would expect having your moon in Aries? We Taurus are a bit slow too. Not me tho, I have gemini rising
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    New guy

    Hi! I'm new here, I study Astrology but haven't got to sinastry yet. Could u guys help me out? Want to know if this could be a one sided thing with this guy I met? I have a cluster on his 7th but he has that on my 11th. Please tell me your thoughts Also i don't know how to post the charts